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Rihanna: “I Was Humiliated”

Singer Breaks Silence On Chris Brown Beating In Major New Interview…

Rihanna has spoken out about the bashing she suffered at the hands of Chris Brown and the devastating fall-out.

In an no-holds barred interview with Glamour magazine, she said her worst moment in the aftermath was when the police shot of her battered and bruised faced was leaked in to the public domain.

She said: “I felt completely taken advantage of... I felt like people were making it into a fun topic on the Internet, and it's my life. I was disappointed, especially when I found out the photo was [supposedly leaked by] two women. ... That is not a photo you would show to anybody."

Talking about the subsequent media circus, she said: “I went to sleep as Rihanna and woke up as Britney Spears. That was the level of media chaos that happened the next day. It was like: 'What, there are helicopters circling my house? There are 100 people in my cul-de-sac? What do you mean, I can't go back home?'”

She says now she plans to help other women speak up about domestic violence.

She explained: “Domestic violence is a big secret. No kid goes around and lets people know their parents fight. Teenage girls can't tell their parents that their boyfriend beat them up. You don't dare let your neighbour know that you fight. It's one of the things we [women] will hide, because it's embarrassing… The positive thing that has come out of my situation is that people can learn from that.”

Meanwhile, in a forthcoming interview with the US’s Good Morning America, Rih says she was in love with Brown: “He was definitely my first big love...This happened to me. It can happen to anyone.’”

Rih’s eagerly anticipated fourth album, ’Rated R’, hits shops on November 23.