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Behind The Scenes Of ‘The Voice Australia’!

We’ve Got All The Goss From Monday’s Episode…

It’s the biggest show in Australia right now, and on Monday night, MTV got to see all the magic in action at the taping of ‘The Voice Australia’ live final!

Arriving at Sydney’s Fox studios at 5pm, we joined a queue of other guests as we filed into the vast studio space. The brightly lit set was buzzing with activity – crew members dressed in black hurried back and forth across the stage as the band set up and the standing-room-only audience members were moved into position.

An enthusiastic compere got the crowd amped up and kept us entertained throughout the night, cracking jokes, playing games with the audience, giving us cues and handing out spot prizes. Soon, mentors Seal, Joel Madden and Delta Goodrem appeared and took their places in their iconic red chairs, while host Darren McMullen shot a few pieces to camera.

We had a long night ahead, with the broadcast set to wrap around 10 o’clock, but it must have seemed even longer for Keith Urban! Keith couldn’t be at the taping due to a concert commitment in the US, so was beamed in via satellite from L.A. instead. And what a trooper – he was on the line an hour before the cameras started rolling (about 1.30am his time!) and stayed right up until the end of the show.

Before we knew it it was 7.30 – time kick things off!

First up, Darren announced the competitors from Team Keith who were safe from elimination. Darren Percival and Brittany Cairns got through on the public’s vote, then Keith, who was obviously upset that he couldn’t be there in person to congratulate and commiserate, chose to save Diana Rouvas and Adam Martin. That meant saying goodbye to rocker Jimmy Cupples and smooth crooner Taga Paa.

Next it was Joel’s team, with flame-haired singer Sarah De Bono and Robert Pattinson lookalike Lakyn Heperi, moved through on public vote. Joel chose to save Ben Hazlewood and Prinnie Stevens, so sadly it was quirky vocalist Laura Bunting who was sent packing.

The performances were all fantastic, with slick sound, great lighting and beautiful set design all coming together to showcase each artist. Glen Cunningham and Rachael Leahcar from Team Delta and Chris Sebastian and Fatai Veamatahau from Team Seal really stepped it up a notch, but it was the moments between the songs that made the night for us.

Moments like Delta sprinting - post costume change in six inch heels - to make it back to her seat in time for her close-up, Joel video chatting his family during a commercial break and holding up his phone so the crowd could wave, and Darren sliding across the stage into position with a second to spare before delivering his lines - live, word perfect and cool-as-you-like. These, paired with the natural banter between the mentors and seeing them having so much fun interacting with the audience, made the night so engaging and so much fun to be a part of.

Watching the mentors perform with their teams was a real highlight as well. Everyone looked like they were having a blast. Each singer had room to shine on their own, but it was wonderful seeing them sing as a group and play off each other too. And those petals that fell during ‘Kiss From A Rose?’ Let’s just say the crew members on ‘The Voice Australia’ mustn’t have a fear of heights – they were perched high in the rafters for the entire song waiting for the right moment to sprinkle them on stage!

The whole night was so much fun and even the rain that was teeming down as we left the building couldn’t dampen our spirits. Bring on the semi finals!

Written by Lauren Alpe

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