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Karise Eden Opens Up About Her Family

“I’m Having Some Dramas,” Says ‘The Voice Australia’ Winner …

She’s been on cloud nine since winning ‘The Voice Australia’ but Karise Eden reveals that sometimes she finds it hard being in the spotlight.

In an interview with, the singer, dubbed Australia’s new ‘Queen of Soul’ by her mentor Seal, opened up about her family issues.

"I'm having some dramas with some family members that are just trying to have ownership I guess you could say. They're not telling the truth either... they're just lying about things," she said.

At the age of 13 the singer became estranged from her mother, shifting between 20 different women’s refuges, and has admitted to self harming in the past.

But Karise says that her troubled past has helped to inspire some of her younger fans.

"Some people come up and may want to congratulate me.... I do get quite emotional because there are a lot of young girls that have come up to me and have said 'I'm a self harmer too, and you've really helped me," she added.

"Then I'm crying and they're crying."

Meanwhile, the 19-year-old says that since winning the hit TV show, her overall success story has been a positive one.

“There’s been different moments, it’s been beautiful at the same time,” she added.

Written by Jennifer Fletcher