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Selena Gomez Kisses Co-Star Nat Wolff!

The Pair Are Snapped Cosying Up For ‘Parental Guidance’ Movie

It seems anything Justin Bieber can do, Selena Gomez can do better!

The teen hottie, who’s romanced a string of pretty girls for the sake of his video clips, has been given a taste of his own medicine thanks to his missus’ make-out sesh with co-star Nat Wolff.

According to The Sun, Selena and Nat have been snapped kissing on set of their new movie ‘Parental Guidance.’

And while we all know the Disney star is totally smitten with her popstar beau, that hasn’t stopped him popping along to the film shoot to keep an eye on their cosy on-screen behaviour!

Meanwhile, the 20-year-old babe could one day find herself starring alongside the ‘Boyfriend’singer…

After smashing the box office with his movie biopic ‘Never Say Never,’ Biebs recently revealed his hopes to do more acting soon!

Written by Sophie Barnett