MTV - TV Guide - July 24, 2014

Time Show Title Show Description
02:10 Punk'd
02:35 Punk'd
02:55 Punk'd
03:20 Punk'd
03:40 Punk'd
04:05 Punk'd
04:25 Made Mary is being Made into an actress and she has 30 days to book a role in her first commercial. However Mary is caught between the old world values of her parents and the new world of show business.
05:10 Made Rita Torres is following her lifelong dream of being Made into an actress, but when her religious beliefs clash with her training she may have to make a difficult choice.
09:05 Catfish: The TV Show A year after meeting "T-lights" on Instagram, "instaceleb" Antointette is ready to meet him, but he always brushes off the idea. Is he really the online celebrity he claims to be?
13:15 Teen Mom Catelynn gets caught in a lie & faces losing her boyfriend Tyler, Amber's boyfriend Gary tells her he might leave her for another girl, and Maci tries to move into a shared house.
14:05 Catfish: The TV Show A year after meeting "T-lights" on Instagram, "instaceleb" Antointette is ready to meet him, but he always brushes off the idea. Is he really the online celebrity he claims to be?
14:55 Ridiculousness Floyd Mayweather visits the Ridiculousness studio where Rob shows him what a pain face looks like. They'll also endure some romantic injuries and learn how not to train.
15:20 Ridiculousness Sara Jean Underwood visits the Ridiculousness set where Rob shows off his fear face and they talk about how cats are weird.
15:45 Ridiculousness UFC fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson shows his wolf battle cry and what really sets off his hot button. Rob also shows videos of crappy endings and what it's like to get slampaged.
16:10 House of Food
17:00 Geordie Shore Jay's aware that he's bitten off more than he can chew with Vicky, Charlotte fights off advances from Gaz, whilst Sophie gets the shock of her life when her parents turn up unannounced.
17:50 Jersey Shore Sammi finds Snooki & Jenni's "anonymous" letter, and this time it's really over with Ronnie. Mike, Vinny and Pauly ("MVP") have their hands full, juggling four girls in one night!
18:40 Ridiculousness Vaughn Gittin Jr. reunites with Rob to watch videos featuring faulty equipment and high speed chaos. Rob introduces instant classic categories such as flailers and stunt dummies.
19:05 Ridiculousness Rob shows the audience how to escape your pain while friend and pro championship skater, Chris Cole, learns what it's like to be in the hot seat.
19:30 Ridiculousness Rob's cousin and Fantasy Factory co-star, Scott Pfaff (AKA Big Cat), comes to the studio so he and Rob can demonstrate how to get froggy.
20:05 Ridiculousness Guest stars WWE Twin Divas, Nicole and Brianna, stop by the Ridiculousness set to show us some of their backyard wrestling moves and how to make the perfect pain angel.
22:50 Ridiculousness Lost and Lord of the Rings star Dominic Monaghan stops by the studio to marvel at some "Mild Things" and watch some innocent bystanders get "Water Damaged!"
23:15 Ridiculousness Rob is joined by Rapper A$AP Rocky who demonstrates "a sneaky ass play" and shows us why fine older ladies "still got it."
23:40 Ridiculousness Singer Ray J drops by the studio to watch some "Knockout Entertainment" and discuss the danger of "Selfies."
00:05 Pranked Streeter and Amir are back for another episode filled with pranks caught on camera, including 'Face Fizz,' 'Booby Trap,' 'Champagne Room' and more prankster fun.
00:30 Pranked Streeter and Amir bring you more internet pranks, with 'Butter Beware,' 'Strawberries and Scream,' 'Goopy Romance' and more prankster fun.
00:55 Pranked Streeter and Amir present even more crazy sendups, with 'Wax Off,' 'Blow-Up Chair,' 'Mom's Gold Tooth' and more prankster fun.
01:20 Pranked More wind ups and madness on the web now with Streeter and Amir, including 'Butter Wars,' 'Punch McBalls,' 'Beach Blanket Bozo' and more prankster fun.
01:45 Pranked Streeter and Amir host another half hour of silly and ridiculous pranks, with 'Gotcha Granny,' 'Industrial Grade Nut Shot,' 'Shootin' Blanks' and more prankster fun.