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Lacey's childhood friend comes to visit and the Hamilton women throw a giant house party for the Palos Hills student body.

Jenna tries to remember what happened at her party, and reaches out to T for help filling in her partial recall of the night's events.

Ally apologizes for causing mayhem in the Hamilton house, and Jenna tries to make amends with Tamara.


Catch a sneak peek at the upcoming season of Awkward.

Jenna is still unsure about her relationship with Matty, but after she attends the winter formal with Jake, she begins to re-think all of her choices.

Tune-in @ 9:30pm Monday for the season finale! Val stands guard as a dance chaperone, Jenna decides to "dork out" with Jake on the dance floor, Lissa finally stands up to Sadie....

As the night of winter formal approaches, someone shares the carefrontation letter witht the whole student body, and Jenna must make a difficult decision.

Tune-in @ 9:30pm Monday! Val gets distracted by a special someone's phone call, and Sadie takes the opportunity to steal Jenna's school file.

Jenna feels like she and Matty are actually on solid ground for the first time when he asks her out on their first real date. But, when Tamara reveals her suspicion that Matty ...

Tune-in @ 9:30pm Monday! Valerie tries to play neutral Switzerland as she helps Jake and Lissa make sense of their complicated relationship.

Jenna's sixteenth birthday isn't very sweet as she suffers one embarrassing experience after the next. Jenna is still reeling from the aftermath of her house party and dealing ...

Tune-in @ 9:30pm Monday! Val surprises Jenna with a birthday rap in the school cafeteria.

When Lacey's BFF Ally comes to town, they decide to "help" Jenna throw a rager. The next day, a forgetful and hungover Jenna struggles to reconstruct the events of the wild night ...

Tune-in @ 9:30pm Monday! After Tamara finds out that the Hamilton house party will be fully populated, Jenna wonders if Matty will finally consider her to be girlfriend material....

It's 'Drunk Driving Awareness Week' and everyone wants to play the coveted "Dead Stacey" role in the mock-DUI event. Unfortunately, Val casts the one person who doesn't want to be ...

Tune-in @ 9:30pm Monday! When Jake tries to convince Jenna to stay in the play as his leading lady, she has to remind him that they're just friends.

When Lacey decides that she and Jenna should rush Palos Verdes' elite mother/daughter charity organization, Jenna is forced to mingle with the mean girls who make her life ...

Val gives advice on taking control of your life with the help of some passive aggressive behavior, and Sadie vents about in-school puking.

Tune-in @ 9:30pm Monday! Jenna has a run-in with Sadie at a charity league event, and Tamara has an idea about the author of "the letter."

Sadie isn't mean, she's honest, and she expects the rest of the world to appreciate her for pointing out their flaws.

Jenna spots Matty with a Jenna doppelganger and wonders if he's already replaced her.

Tune-in @ 9:30pm Monday! Jenna spots Matty with a Jenna doppelganger and wonders if he's already replaced her.

Secretary of Wingman, Matty, joins his Student Body President on the morning announcements to promote senior streak.

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