Ricki-Lee performs 'Crazy', 'Do It Like That' & 'Raining Diamonds' live for MTV's Local Produce!...

Ricki-Lee may make it look easy to pull off a killer on stage performance, but months of hard work and dedication go into every routine! See behind the scenes when Ricki goes ...

Ricki-Lee has friends over and cooks them her signature dish, she reveals how to gain confidence with a fit and healthy lifestyle and how important it is to her.

Check out Ricki-Lee's crib as she takes us for a personal tour of her pop-star flat in Sydney plus exclusive online out-takes!

Heroes For Hire perform 'All Messed Up', 'No Apologies' and 'Secrets, Lies and Sins' live for MTV's Local Produce!...

Slip into bed with Heroes For Hire as they take us through their recent tour of Asia and see how they kept themselves out of trouble (sort of)...

Ever wondered what Heroes For Hire get up to in their hotel room? Check it out here as the boys get into some free sh*t and talk messed up tattoos.

Heroes For Hire perform 'All Messed Up' & 'Secrets Lies and Sins' live and acoustic for MTV's Local Produce!

Van She perform 'Idea Of Happiness', 'Jamaica' & 'Sex City' live for MTV's Local Produce!

Van She talk about their recent trip to Jakarta for a one off show where they encountered hot weather, a very 'forward' fan and a mechanical bull!

Van She tell us how they got started and look back on some of their accomplishments as a band!

Find out the meaning behind the man in the g-string in Van She's music video for 'Idea Of Happiness'!

Gin Wigmore performs 'Black Sheep', 'Sweet Hell' & 'If Only' Live for MTV Local Produce!

Find out what a day in the life of Local Produce artist Gin Wigmore is like as she does a promo tour around Sydney!

Find out what the future has in store for this months local produce artist Gin Wigmore as she gets her tarot cards read!

Ricki-Lee talks us through her 'cheeky' video shoot for 'Do It Like That'!

We go backstage with Gin as she prepares to do a TV performance for 'Sunrise'!

Sam Sparro performs 'Happiness', 'I Wish I Never Met You' & 'Yellow Orange Rays' Live for MTV Local Produce!

Sam Sparro give's us some insight to his personal style and how a good suit can double as an emotional make-over!

See what a day in the life of Sam Sparro is like as he prepares for his gig at the Sydney Oxford Art Factory!

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