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Slip into bed with Heroes For Hire as they take us through their recent tour of Asia and see how they kept themselves out of trouble (sort of)...


Sam meets a 'nice stalker' at his Ksubi in-store signing.

Sam introduces his two 'side kicks' Brendan and Vula as they go shopping for some new threads!

Watch Timomatic's exclusive live performances of 'Set It Off', 'Incredicble', and 'If Looks For Kill' for Local Produce!

Timo fills us in on how to eat right and sleep tight!

Timomatic talks about freestyling, the meaning behind his costume changes and why there are no girls in his 'Set It Off' music video!

Timomatic talks about being his own choreographer for 'If Looks Could Kill' and his inspiration!

CAC talk about making obscure online video's and how they believe it could be a gateway to discovering their band!

Calling All Cars perform 'Autobiotics', 'Worlds Collide' & 'Reptile' and tell us about the creation of each song.

CAC tell us about the time Haydn and James physically fought over a beer pouring incident.

Calling All Cars talk about their shoot in the forests of Norway for 'Worlds Collide'

Find out how it all began for Calling All Cars!

The boys from Calling All Cars talk about life on the road and what it's like to tour with the likes of The Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age!

Calling All Cars talk about the band dynamic & their plans for the future.

Calling All Cars talk about the band dynamic & their plans for the future.

360 performs 'Killer' & 'Child' and gives us some an insight into the meaning of each song.

360 tells us the meaning behind all of his tatts while in the process of getting some new ink!

Local MC 360 talks us through the making of his video for 'Killer'.

360 talks about artists he admires & the music he aspires to make.

Sample a day in the life of 360 as he hits the studio and goes to his favourite shop.

360 talks about his debut album, Falling & Flying and his outlook on life.

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