The Janoskians gave MTV an exclusive little peek behind the scenes of their world tour! Check it out now ...

Check out these behind the scenes bloopers from 'The Janoskians: MTV Sessions' interview!

The boys talk abour their favourite stunts in 'The Janoskians: MTV Sessions', how they first met, what their name stands for, and how this all happened!

Can "lady boy" Skip and injured James get past security as they try to gain entry into Melbourne’s clubs?

'Lady-basher' Skip jumps into the boxing ring to spar off against none other than super star hottie Ruby Rose, can he take the heat?

Thing to heat up in this bonus episode, and the boys find out there really ain't no thing like a chicken wing!

Usually kidnapping's pretty bad, but these guys decide to go on a little detour...

All but James take part in the ultimate challenge - no explanation needed.

The world can be a pretty bitter place, so the boys set out to turn some frowns upside down. Aggressively.

Three boys, 60 bouncy balls and a dark room ... this can only end well.

James takes his dog Beau for a nice little walk in the park to meet other dogs ... ah that's sweet.

You've seen ghosting, even ghost dancing, but now the boys are stepping it up with mirroring ...

What do you get when you combine hot chips, a loaf of bread and a half naked Skip? The ultimate bird feeding frenzy.

As James is away sitting exams, the remaining boys ask unsuspecting members of the public for directions ... could it be this innocent? Errr ... no.

The boys trawl the Melbourne streets to raise money for the charity 'Onesies'. How will people react to having this rare species right there in front of them?

A game of courage, coordination ... and stupidity.

Can you sustain three ice cream cones of wasabi? Can the boys?

The boys take turns to see how long they can last on a treadmill as objects are thrown at them.

Beau and Luke rock up at random places of work and cause havoc as they pretend they’re hired for the day.

Beau and Luke rock up at random places of work and cause havoc as they pretend they’re hired for the day.

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