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The All-American Bogans!

Our Favourite Rejects Channel Their Inner Aussie Bogan…

When The All-American Rejects hit up Adelaide earlier this week they promised to connect with their fellow “bogan town” types.

The lads hail from a small town in Oklahoma called Stillwater and reckon they’ve got personal experience of being “bogan”.

Fortunately, if the crowd reaction was anything to go by, their declaration endeared them to their Aussie fans rather than insulted them! grabbed a minute with them in the midst of their hectic live show schedule and learned that being “bogan” has not stopped them channeling their inner Freddie Mercury.

Talking about ’Gives You Hell’ - the song that really put ‘em on the map - frontman Tyson Ritter told us: “It’s the most theatrical song I’ve heard on radio. We go back to the almost Queen era of rock. It’s the first song in history to have a guitar solo after the first chorus. It’s a truly bombastic song, full of peaks and valleys.”

He added: “This band is now 10 years old and it’s the first time we’re having international success. We’re one of the few bands who did it before YouTube and MySpace.”

Good work, Freddie, we mean, Tyson.

Catch more of the boys in their video for 'Gives You Hell'.