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Alls Dandy For The Bohemian Babe…

They’re one of the most inspiring, original, and daring bands to come out of the States – and now with the promise of more exciting new material to come, The Dandy Warhols are back to blow the minds of their diehard Aussie fans Down Under!

Yep, with 17-years in the game, a steady stream of boundary-pushing albums under their belts and a growing reputation for being an unmissable live act, the four-piece are kicking off their tour in Perth this week, before hitting Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

And as the legendary rockers prepared for their latest shows Down Under – MTV CLASSIC caught up with the group’s original rock n’ roll mama, Zia McCabe, to talk balancing her “crazy”
life, returning to the studio, and why there’s plenty more records still to come!

MTV CLASSIC: You're about to kick-off your Aussie tour – give fans a sneaky peek at what they can expect?

Zia: I think we’re really consistent with playing a few tracks off each album and making sure the songs that people know the words to are in there. And plenty of psychedelic break-downs in between, and yeah a really groovy psychedelic good time with all the hits!

MTV CLASSIC: There’s been plenty of buzz about a seventh album – any updates?

Zia: It’s going really good. I think everyone’s been really excited to be back recording again and to have it be much more collaborative in the writing stage, which has been really fun for us. And this time we’ve been trying to keep the production to a minimum and keep everybody from over-tracking and really just stick to the essential tracks. We very easily get carried away, so it’s a good exercise for us.

MTV CLASSIC: So how’s it been returning to the studio together?

Zia: Well this one was quite different, with Courtney (Taylor-Taylor) having a baby he was tied up with that a bit, so starting we had some growing pains, trying to figure out who writes, how do we write, how do we work together without Courtney bringing in a lot of the basics. Now he’s ended up coming in and writing a bunch of songs, so it’s great, but it was cool for us to just box to be thinking outside of, it was really just open and up for grabs and we definitely made some mistakes and learnt from those, but it was good, it was exciting. It’s neat to know that after 17 years we’re not in any sort of rut as far as our recording process.

MTV CLASSIC: So will Aussie fans get to hear any of the new material during this tour?

Zia: No promises. Really with us going so quickly after recording the album and a lot of the stuff being done in the studio it’s going to take a minute to figure out how these songs work live, so we’ll see…

MTV CLASSIC: You have a young daughter, Matilda, how do you balance motherhood with being a rockstar?

Zia: You just do it, you just juggle it, just like anybody has to balance their life once they add a child to it. It gets a little crazier, but ultimately it’s more rewarding.

MTV CLASSIC: And would you ever encourage Matilda to follow a music career herself?

Zia: Of course. I’ll just encourage her to do whatever she takes a natural interest in…but she’s already a better musician than I am, she’s got a great voice!

MTV CLASSIC: After 17-years together – what else is there for The Dandys to tick off the list?

Zia: There’s always something more fun to experience. We haven’t played in Japan, which is crazy, so that’s definitely on my list…and I want to do a world tour with Brian Jonestown Massacre. Our first record still hasn’t been released on vinyl, we’ve got a few things left to do. We haven’t made a country album…I would like to make a country album with the band.

MTV CLASSIC: How about any future collaborations?

Zia: I’d like to work with Willie Nelson but I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen with The Dandys (laughs).

MTV CLASSIC: And lastly, after the Aussie tour, what other exciting things have you got coming up?

Zia: I’d like to see us get started on another record straight away. I don’t want to wait three years to record again. I’d rather have three records in three years rather than one every three years.

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