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The Valleys

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Meet ‘The Valleys’ Cast!

Find Out More About The Stars Of MTV’s New Reality Series...

Following the super exciting news that MTV’s new reality show The Valleys’ will be premiering on MTV Australia this October, it’s time to meet the cast!


This flirty party girl is desperate to swap her hairdressing roots to become a glamorous stylist. Her motto: “Don’t hate me because you ain’t me!”


As well as playing rugby, this self-proclaimed ‘only gay in the village’ has high hoped of cracking the record business.


She may be Wales’ very own Legally Brunette, but this ditzy law student is ready to swap her studies for glamour modelling.


This self-confessed lothario, who claims to have bedded more than 100 girls, is determined to make his mark as the next big rapper.


The blonde wine-lover can’t wait to leave her boring call centre work behind her for a life working in promotions.


Castmate Leeroy faces some stiff competition from this ladiesman, who reckons he’s an 11 out of 10 on the looks front. But is his buff bod good enough for underwear modelling?


This mouthy party-lover is bubbly and vivacious and is determined to be the next big glamour model.


He’s got the moves – literally! This cute-looking fella is a three-time world champion kick boxer.


This Beyonce-look-a-like is a diva who knows exactly what she wants – and that’s to become a model and wed a footballer.

Written by Sophie Barnett