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MTV Meets The Veronicas!

EXCLUSIVE! We Chat To The Brisbane Babes Down Under…

Our favourite pint-sized pop pixies The Veronicas are officially back!

Yep, talented twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso are bringing girl power to the top of the charts with their steamy hot new single ‘Lolita!’

MTV Australia caught up with the superstar Aussie duo to talk forbidden love, competing with Beyonce and their music buddies the Jonas Brothers!

MTV: Congrats ladies on your new single ‘Lolita’ – what do you make of the fan reaction so far?

Jessica: It’s been an incredible reaction, people have been embracing the music and it’s just a really fun dance song. It’s a smaller piece to the bigger picture behind the album 'Life On Mars,' so just the fact that people are embracing it and getting in to it is a great feeling.

Lisa: It’s definitely nice after being away from the public eye for years now, just to have that reaction where people are embracing it. It is sort of a new sound for us.

MTV: And you’re about to drop the music video too – what can we expect?

Jessica: The video is a representation of the energy and the spirit of the song. It surrounds itself with love and the violence of love and the passion. The kind of feeling you get when you’re in love and then out of love.

Lisa: Forbidden love. I think it represents that as well.

MTV: Tom Cruise’s son Connor did a remix of the track – what did you think of it?

Lisa: Oh we love the remix. He's so talented. He actually came down to our video shoot in L.A. and hung out on set for a while and played us the song. We loved it.

MTV: Lots of artists, like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Reece Mastin are making movies about life on tour – is this something you’d like to do?

Jessica: If it’s for the fans and they’re truly interested in that side of life then absolutely.

MTV: You recently starred as guest mentors on the ‘X-Factor’ Australia – would you like to mentor talent in real life?

Lisa: We would absoloutely love to do that. In an indirect way we’ve sort of done that with the songs we’ve written for other people. But we would love to delve deeper into that and actually have our own company that does do artist development and works with young artists to create and instead of writing songs for them, write with them and help them develop their talent.

MTV: What would be your advice for making it?

Jessica: If you’re only thinking Australia for starters, give up. If you’re in a rock band, can you compete against Nirvana, the Smashing Pumkins, can you rock harder than those people? We’re not sitting here saying can we compete against Delta Goodrem, we’re here going we’re competing against Beyonce, we’re competing against Pink. You have to think of it on an international scale and you have to be ready to bring it.

MTV: You once toured with the Jonas Brothers - are you still in touch with them?

Lisa: Yes we love them. They’re good friends of ours. I was actually just at a friend's wedding with Joe, they’re fantastic guys, we’ve actually known them for like seven years or something. They opened for us on one of our American tours before they became worldwide superstars. We’ve kind of seen them grow up and the way they’ve handled their success and the way they’ve handled themselves as young men is really admirable.

Jessica: They have incredible integrity and they’re incredibly classy beautiful souls, and incredibly talented as well. They have a great family unit around them. We’re really proud of them.

MTV: Are you excited to hear they're working on a new album?

Lisa: Absolutely…They all went their separate ways for a while and we can relate to that and when you come back together it does feel re-inspiring to be making music, so we wish them all the success in the world.

MTV: Talking of Disney stars, you’re friends with Demi Lovato too…

Lisa: Yeah we’ve sung at festivals and different events with Demi before and she’s a wonderful role model for young women, or anyone really at this point. She’s been through a lot. I think it's great that she’s got something to say and she’s standing up for what she believes in.

MTV: Lastly, fans are dying to know what else is coming up and if it includes an Aussie tour?

Lisa: We will be touring in the near future. We probably will do a couple of like secret shows around town for a bit and then around the record release time we’ll start going on tour.

Jessica: We also have a make-up line, a cosmetics line coming out, that’s very new. Apart from that it’s just music for us, it’s just getting the record completed and out.

Make sure you get your hands on The Veronicas’ hot new single ‘Lolita’ out now!

Written by Sophie Barnett