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Top Aussie Artists Of 2008

The Presets, PNAU, Cut Copy And More!

The Australian music industry has had a fruitful year. Indie underground thunder roared louder than ever and made its way into ARIA territory, while the underground hip hop scene emerged from the chart nether regions, prompting many to comment that Aussie music has taken a turn for the better.

Exciting emerging artists, noteworthy tracks on the local charts, Aussie sounds on the international radar and a few Grammy nods for good measure (Kylie Minogue, Sam Sparro and AC/DC) home grown music has had a kick ass year.

08' was a year full of spankin' follow-ups and a victorious return to form for others - lets countdown the most successful Aussie acts of 2008!

1. After releasing one of the most innovative dance records in Australian history, it's no surprise that The Presets hold the number one position over all this year's impressive Aussie artists.

2008's 'Apocalypso' took the dance and pop charts by storm with hit singles 'All Of My People' and 'This Boy's In Love' and in the meantime, defined The Presets as Australia most exciting exports.

2. If we hear one more pun about having lessons to learn and life being sweet, we think we'll spew, but there is no denying that this year was all about the sultry single from Gabriella Cilmi, 'Sweet About Me'. Judging by her massive chart success and oversees love, there is little doubt there certainly something intriguing about 17 year old Gabriella Cilmi.

The Melbournite conquered the charts and the ARIA Awards with the fresh pop offering 'Lessons To Be Learned', and with a distribution deal in the US , and singles smashing the UK charts, things are looking pretty sacchrine for Gabriella.

3. The Living End made a triumphant return to the stage this year with their mega comeback record 'White Noise' going gold in Australia as well as receiving an ARIA for Best Rock Record.

The huge hit spelt the music scene homecoming for the mature rockers; with their lead single 'White Noise' receiving a warm welcome in the form of a stonker chart rating. The Living End is back, and we're stoked.

4. We love PNAU and it's pretty hard to find someone who doesn't. With their outrageous live performances and funky dance beats; the dance duo is infinitely infectious.

In December the dance gurus put on the most extravagant Homebake Festival performance yet; featuring Nick Littlemore painted in a blue crucifix and floating above the stage from a high wire dressed in a white gown complete with a crown of thorns! We dare any other band to BEAT THAT!

5. When The Veronicas first hit the scene in 2005, you could be forgiven for thinking they were two innocent holier-than-thou brunette twins, especially as matching red lipstick was about as risqu as it got for the duo.

But a couple of years, some chart success, a few failed relationships (including dalliances of the same sex kind), not to mention scandals laid bare across the tabs, and the Verons have morphed into full scaled sex kittens of the media savvy kind.

With the edgy new release of 'Hook Me Up' late last year, the hottest twins in Oz have steamed it up a notch, following a year thick in intrigue and hit singles. The V-Rons have befen the talking point of all things pop, tabloid and lesbian affair. Yikes. Catch The Veronica show yourself this New Year.

6. An odd match in music is not unheard of, so when Luke Steele from The Sleepy Jackson and Nick Littlemore from PNAU decided to collaborate, who was going to stop them?
Probably the hottest intra-band hook-up since Kylie and Nick Cave, Empire Of The Sun are the freshest new acts to hop aboard the Aussie dance revolution. Watch this space.

7. The noughties reinvention of 80's new wave is in large part thanks to Melbourne lads Cut Copy.

After their hit record 'Bright Like Neon Love' was treated to four years of generous high rotation, the bar was set high for the follow album to be just as groundbreaking.

So when 'In Ghost Colours' emerged this year, it wasn't surprising to see the 'Cutters' charm was still there with killers tracks 'Hearts On Fire' and 'Lights & Music' for the dancing delight.

8. Another top ten entry from the rockin' suburbs of Melbourne are lads from British India.

After a turbulent year of heavy touring in 2007, British India took to the pubs, clubs and festivals yet again for another year of indie fever.

With the release of their second album 'Thieves' emerging just over a year after their debut 'Guillotine', British India meant business!

And the hard work proved profitable with the four boys receiving their first ARIA nomination for Best New Independent Act and performing to several sold out shows across the country. Ladies and Gentleman, its your new teen angst sensation!

9. 2008 was definitely a 12-month coming of age for Sydney's Sparkadia. The foursome produced one of the most in-depth yet catchy records of the year. 'Postcards' peaked at number 23# on the ARIA chart, pretty healthy for an Aussie debut! Sparkadia have been traveling the country in support of Faker and also completing their own 'Postcards' tour across the nation.

Also appearing at this summers biggest festivals, these guys aren't to be missed!

10. After years of touring off the back of their popular self titled EP, Van She released their debut record 'V' in August this year to a mass of already adoring fans, projecting the debut to 10# on the ARIA charts.

Van She are described to be fresher than fresh with their ironic 80's sound and synthesis, despite producing a killer Modular Recordings classic, we'd say a bigger tour would have been the answer to total domination!