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Timomatic Interview

MTV Meets This Month’s Local Produce Act…

Don’t Miss ‘Local Produce’ with Timomatic tonight (Friday April 27) @ 7pm on MTV!

After epic live performances from hip hop star 360 and rockers Calling All Cars, ‘Local Produce’ is brining you an exclusive set from another one of our favourite homegrown talents – Timomatic!

The all singing, all dancing Aussie sensation first rose to fame after stints on
‘So You Think You Can Dance’
and ‘Australia’s Got Talent,’ before storming the charts with his smash hit singles including ‘Set It Off’ and ‘If Looks Could Kill.’

MTV Australia caught up with the rising performer to talk “juggling” his talents, his “amazing” fans and his superstar inspirations…

MTV: So Tim, tell us about taking part in ‘Local Produce.’

Timomatic: Wow, MTV local produce is such a cool thing to be a part of and I’m so appreciative and so blessed to be a part of it of because it’s all about MTV focusing on artists that come from Australia, come from NZ and they get their platform to show their craft to the world. I’m really glad to be a part of that.

MTV: How do you juggle being an amazing singer AND a dancer?

Timomatic: Juggling singing and dancing is a struggle. Sometimes I’m like, ‘Why did I choose to put them together?’ But no, for me when I hear music I need to dance to it. It’s not a want, I need to express it through my body and so singing and putting it together just comes more natural. I feel the crowd gets more of a buzz when they really get entertained by movement as well as a great song.

MTV: How was it kick-starting your career on reality TV?

Timomatic: I think I learned a lot about perseverance and about longevity. Since I was about 16, 17, I was like this is what I want to do. I wanted to be an artist, and a good mentor I had at the time said, ‘It’s going to take about 5 to 10 years if you’re serious,’ and I was like, ‘Nah I got this, it will be when I’m 21 and I’ll be there.’ But I’m 24 now and it’s really starting to open up now, so doing the shows and going through all these things taught me to never give up and to always believe in the passion of my heart to follow my dreams.

MTV: How did you find being thrust into the limelight almost overnight?

Timomatic: Doing shows like that and being in the public eye kind of upped my fan base so to speak. I’ve got some really amazing fans. I’ve got really cool fans that are really supportive of me and have been really supportive for a while. And they keep telling me this. Which is awesome and I love them.

MTV: You released your debut album ‘Welcome’ independently last year – tell us a bit about it…

Timomatic: I wrote the ‘Welcome’ album in 2010 when I was on FAME the musical. There was quite a lot of down time and I was feeling like I had to vent creatively. I really needed to vent. So I bought all the production gear…and just started writing music. I actually found it quite therapeutic actually [putting] all the ideas and all the things I’ve been thinking about in my life and other peoples’ lives into song and into music, and to have the freedom to do it myself. There was no intention or goal to make an album, I was just writing music and I ended up writing 25 songs and recording and producing them.

MTV: You also worked with Black Eyed Peas DJ Poet – how was that?

Timomatic: That came about randomly, he was dating a girl from Australia, so he was always back and forth in Melbourne and so a few people I knew were like, ‘Wow this guy wants to get into the studio and he’s looking for new talent to work with why don’t you guys team up?’

MTV: Who are your main inspirations?

Timomatic: The late great Michael Jackson. I think I was about 9 or 10 when I first saw him on TV and the penny dropped and I was like, ‘That’s it, that’s what I gotta do!’ I didn’t know how, I was a young kid in Perth in the outer suburbs and I was like, ‘I gotta do this around the world somehow.’

I’m [also] a big fan of Usher, how he’s kind of taken what Michael’s kind of taught and really pushed it forward. I’m a really big fan of Ne-Yo in terms of song writing and Chris Brown as a dancer.

MTV: In what ways would you say they influence your own performance?

Timomatic: I’m going to give you a little bit of an inside scoop..on my computer I’ve got a folder called University of entertainment and I buy [songs] from ITunes and take down all the clips that these artists do. Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Usher, I study them. I didn’t go to uni so I use those clips and what they’ve done and the template that they’ve set to try and educate myself.

MTV: You’ve previously supported the likes of Flo Rida, Janet Jackson and Salt-N-Pepa - how was that?

Timomatic: I’m over the moon [as] I didn’t even have an official single out at the time. And to get support acts they need to be okayed by the management of that artist. And to know I had been put forward and accepted was just an amazing kind of experience, very humbling. I’m definitely a student to what they do and they have shown how big they can be and I am so inspired by it, so if you’re listening Salt-N-Pepa, Flo Rida and Janet, Ill do it again if you need another support act. I got you!

Don’t Miss ‘Local Produce’with Timomatic tonight (Friday April 27) @ 7pm on MTV!

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