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T-Pain And Ke$ha?

Get Ready For K-Pain!

They may seem an unlikely pair, but Ke$ha and T-Pain would like us to believe they’re the new hot couple!

The popstrel and rapper have bombarded the twitterverse with a number of flirty tweets over the last few days, and this morning T-Pain posted a TwitPic of them snuggling with fistfuls of cash alongside the caption: “Ladies and gentlemen I’ve upgraded from loyal stalker. Get ready for K-Pain.”

It all kicked off when the duo performed at the Wango Tango KISS show in LA last Saturday, and it didn’t take long for their mutual admiration to spill over into the digital sphere.

On Sunday, the dreadlocked rapper tweeted “Last night I found out I’m in love wit @keshasuxx.”

Then: “I’m not saying @keshasuxx and i had sex or anything I’m just sayin I love that ‘f*** everybody else’ attitude. She dresses how she wants she performs the way she wants, she does HER.”

Kesha’s response? “Um. F***ing love u @TPAIN. U get me. Come find me.”

And their flirting didn’t end there! On Monday, the ‘Good Life’ rapper wrote:

“@keshasuxx said it’s ok if I stalk her so I found out shes in Vegas. here I come lady. Bad news is the only flight from Sac to Vegas is on southwest airlines. ………… f— it I’m still goin.”

Hmm, wonder how T-Pain’s wife Amber feels about their twitterverse love affair!

What do you think? Are T-Pain and Ke$ha really a couple or just drumming up publicity for a new single? Let us know by commenting below! Meanwhile, catch up with pop-brat Ke$ha in the video below...