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Usher Kicked In Face! OMG!

Over-Zealous Fan Leaves Her Mark On The Singer…

Usher might think twice about inviting female fans on stage for a personal serenade after he was kicked in the face last night!

The hilarious video, now doing the rounds online, shows Usher performing ‘Trading Places’ in Madison Square Garden and playfully seducing an unsuspecting female fan on a love seat.

All was going well until the fan, who was very much enjoying grinding against the star on a chair, got a little too caught up in the moment – and, as she swung her leg over to face Usher, she accidentally kicked him square in the face with her heel!

Pausing briefly to recover from the blow with the mortified fan profusely apologising and rubbing the ‘OMG’ star’s face, Usher - ever the gentleman - played down the incident saying to the crowd, “We play rough in the bed. We kick each other in the face and all types of good stuff.”

“It happens sometimes,” he quipped. “As men, we play it cool.”

Thankfully Usher is okay, but we’re guessing the humiliated fan’s dignity might take a bit longer to recover!

Get up close and personal with the superstar as he talks about his hit clip 'OMG' in the video below...


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