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Paris Jackson Speaks About Her Father

"Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine," Jackson's daughter says. (7.7.09)

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Family, celebrities and fans around the world gather to pay their respects to 'The King of Pop' during his public ...

In an interview from 1999, Michael Jackson describes choreographing the iconic music video. (7.7.09)

An MTV News writer calls in to describe the interior of the Staples Center which she describes as "somber." (7.7.09)

Take a look back at rare footage of Jackson and the Jackson 5 in the 60s and 70s. (7.7.09)

MTV correspondent John Norris remembers the impact of Jackson's videos on the world. (7.7.09)

"Billie Jean," "Thriller" and the moonwalk catapulted Michael Jackson into superstardom. (7.7.09)

Michael Jackson hosted an MTV contest at the famous grounds. (7.7.09)

From Jackson's changing skin tone, to allegations of child molestation, MTV News covered it all. (7.7.09)

Watch footage of Jackson's rehearsal at Staples Center for what would have been his tour in London this summer. (7.7.09)

Robinson read statements from Diana Ross and Nelson Mandela. (7.7.09)

MTV News' Shaheem Reid remembers the span of influence Jackson had and will continue to have. (7.7.09)

The MTV News correspondent remembers the afterparty following the video shoot and dancing in a conga line with Jackson. ...

The Andrea Crouch Choir performs as Michael Jackson and his family arrive at the memorial. (7.7.09)

Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz perform "I'll Be There" at Michael Jackson's Memorial service. (7.7.09)

Queen Latifah's reading is followed by Lionel Richie performing "Jesus Is Love." (7.7.09)

The founder of Motown records shares his memories and thoughts on his time working with Michael Jackson. (7.7.09)

A montage of Jackson's videos and songs are played at his memorial service. (7.7.09)

The singer performed "Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer" and "They Won't Go When I Go." (7.7.09)

Johnson shares a memory of having lunch with Jackson and eating KFC with the King of Pop. (7.7.09)

The singer performed "Will You Be There," a song featured in the movie "Free Willy." (7.7.09)

"He broke outside his boundaries; he opened up the whole world," Sharpton said of Jackson's role in civil rights. ...

The singer played a guitar interpretation while a choir sang in the background. (7.7.09)

Shields talks about her bond with Michael over being child stars, how he loved "The Little Prince" and how much they ...

Michael's brother performed a moving rendition of one of Michael's favorite songs. (7.7.09)

Martin Luther King III And Bernice A. King spoke of a time when Michael called their mother, Coretta Scott King, to ...

The Texas Congresswoman speaks of the messages in Jackson's music. (7.7.09)

The singer performed "Gone Too Soon" in tribute to the King of Pop. (7.7.09)

Robinson heard the Jackson 5 perform a song he wrote when Michael was 10 years old. (7.7.09)

Shaheen Jafargholi thanked Michael Jackson for blessing him with his music. (7.7.09)

Singers that prepared for Jackson's O2 Arena performances are joined by Lionel Richie and the Jackson family. (7.7.09)

"Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine," Jackson's daughter says. (7.7.09)

Jackson's brothers escort his casket out of Staples Center and a last prayer is offered to the audience. (7.7.09)

We reflect on the moving and memorable moments of Michael Jackson's memorial service. (7.7.09)

We revisit some of the stories shared by family and friends, and give a final farewell to Michael Joseph Jackson. ...

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