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Zac’s Aussie Love!

Is He Moving Down Under…?

We could soon be seeing A LOT more of Hollywood pin-up Zac Efron!

As well as graduating from his ‘High School Musical’ days into more serious movie roles, the pretty boy actor could also be ready to ditch tinsel town for Australia!

Gushing about his love for our shores, the 24-year-old, who’s headed Down Under for the premiere of ‘The Lucky One’ next month, told AAP,

"I love Australia!

“I'd love to get a nice house down there. It would be a dream to do that. I'll do it when I get that big movie and can afford it."

And in case you’re pining for a peek at some Efron eye candy when he arrives in April, you better get yourselves down to the beach!

Chatting about his favourite things to do when he comes to town, he said,

"We jump into a little bus and my Aussie friends know all of the best surfing spots.

"We surf every day and barbecue every afternoon.

"Then we get to bed early, wake up, surf and do it all over again.”

But it’s not just a soft spot for our beaches that keeps bringing the tween heartthrob back here – but an admiration for the Aussie ladies too!

Dishing on working with one of our biggest female stars, Nicole Kidman, on their new flick ‘The Paperboy,’ he gushed,

"Nicole is so gorgeous.

"It was everything you dreamed of. She was such a lovely person.”