Season 2 E 6 • 20/09/2005

Meet Bjorn is a non-stop-shopping, Chanel-bag-loving male diva (or "divo," as he puts it). His Sweet 16 party is a fashion-themed red-carpet extravaganza. His parents spare no expense because "you only turn sixteen once," his mom says. Only a few of Bjorn's hottest friends are selected as runway models. During dress rehearsals, friends Katelynn and Erica dispute over which of them will wear one of the limited corsets. As if that weren't frustrating enough for Bjorn, the day of his party his customized blazer arrives over an hour late. Finally, Bjorn hits his bash in style and walks the red carpet into the arms of his cheering friends. It's his "Beyonce moment." Other than Bjorn getting ill due to nerves, the fashion show goes as planned. Later, Bjorn's parents surprise him with a new BMW! Bjorn is proud to have pulled off his Sweet 16 just as he envisioned it. This ultimate divo is confident that he will always be the talk of the town.