Season 6 E 10 • 29/01/2008

In her hometown of Franklin Lakes New Jersey, Yashika is known as a crazy party-girl who gets anything and everything she wants. Naturally, her sixteenth birthday party has to be over the top. And what better theme for such a party than Diamonds Are Forever? Yashika is so determined to plan every detail of her party that she's even requiring her friends to try on their dresses for her approval. Everyone is okay with this rule...except for Yashika's sister, who insists on wearing sexy sparkly number. Didn't she get the memo? Its Yashika's night and nobody can look hotter than her! But there's bigger problems than lil' sis. The customized dog tags Yashika ordered to serve as invitations have arrived and they're way smaller than she'd wanted. Her mom can't even read them without glasses on! Fortunately, her friends convince Yashika that the dog tag invites rule, small or not. The crowd gathers to receive their invites, but first Yashika has some rules to go over. First, everyone must wear the dog tags in order to get into the party. Second, they're only allowed to wear denim and white. And last but not least, no bitches allowed! Dad takes his little girl to the Mercedes dealership to select the perfect present for a sixteen year old. Like everything in her life, Yashika demands nothing but the best. A forty thousand dollar convertible is way below her stature -- Yashika wants the top of the line. Mom and Dad say they'll have to consider it, but Yashika knows she deserves the hundred thousand dollar model. With her hair and makeup perfected, Yashika arrives at the party venue to get into her dress and prepare for her grand entrance. Unfortunately, they start letting people into the party before Shika makes her entrance, which is happening outside. She didn't put all that prep into her entrance just to have everyone miss it because they're inside! Once everyone's back outside, Yashika arrives in a Lamborghini and is carried into the club upon the shoulders of some sexy half-naked men. Truly an entrance that was not to be missed! When her friends choose to dance on the dance floor instead of in the VIP area with her, Yashika has to lay down some hurt. But she's not about to let it ruin her party. Especially, when her Mom calls her up onstage to give her a giant seven carat diamond ring. But don't think Miss Shika's going to be happy with just a diamond ring! There had better be a car waiting outside for her. Daddy doesn't disappoint, presenting her with the keys to the brand new Mercedes she picked out at the dealership. Looks like Yashika got her way just like she always does!