E 3 • 02/02/2005

Ava has a taste for the finer things in life. Only the best of the best will do for her Arabian Night Sweet 16. The perfect party begins with the perfect venue. For Ava, this is the Four Seasons Hotel. Her mother doesn't agree with all of Ava's lavish plans. Ava's dad proves easier to persuade. He can't say no to his daughter. Next, Ava must choose four members of the Loyola polo team to carry her during her grand entrance. She has three requirements--the boys must be cute, sexy and have good bodies. The candidates take off their shirts and practice lifting Ava before she chooses. A party isn't complete without presents. Ava's father takes her to test drive different cars. Although "red is the closest color to pink" in the lot, Ava chooses a black Range Rover. Her dad is hesitant about her decision. He feels the car is too big for her to handle. "I will never settle for anything less than a Range Rover," Ava says. Ava's mom takes her dress shopping in Paris. The search is frustrating because several stores are closed during August. Ava and her mother disagree over dress choices. Her mother won't buy a plain black dress and suggests a $2,550 red-orange dress instead. Ava hates the color, calling it "too crayon." Ava falls in love with a low-cut red dress, but her mother disapproves. She reminds her daughter that she is "still a young girl." Ava becomes frustrated and wishes she had gone shopping on her own. After being disappointed in Paris, Ava decides to have two dresses custom made. She describes her ideal gown: beige, so it appears she is "wearing nothing but rhinestones." Her mother feels the dress is inappropriate for her age. Ava argues that a custom-made dress should look exactly how she wants. She calls her father for support. When she asks if he has bought her car yet, he gets upset. "If you stop whining, I'll get it for you," he shouts. Later, Ava plans to go to Santa Barbara with her cousin. She tells her mom she is going to grab some food and sneaks off to State Street. Her mother is furious when she discovers the truth. When Ava tries to make another purchase, she learns her mom has canceled her credit card. She calls her dad to complain and stays at his house to avoid her mom. Ava's parents take her to dinner at Dolce for her birthday. They tell her that she is not getting a car. Ava cries at the table and feels her day is ruined. Her parents remain firm, saying it is time for them to set limits. Ava soon reconciles with her mom and moves back home. On the day of her party, Ava's parents surprise her with a white Road Ranger. The only condition--she must learn to respect them. The night only gets better, as Ava is carried into the hall to a standing ovation from her loved ones. After her entrance, she changes into a red gown and enjoys her "magical" night. She thanks her parents and calls the experience "a major transition from childhood to adulthood." My Super Sweet 16 -- Where are they now? Updates AVA, Beverly Hills, CA -- Season 1 Ava recently dyed her hair red, but that doesn't keep fans from recognizing her! She says people in L.A. don't usually bother her for autographs or photos because they're used to seeing Paris Hilton every day but it's really mind blowing for her when she gets recognized in other countries. "After two years, it still hasn't hit me yet!" Ava says she gets noticed the most when she's around her parents because they were a huge part of her episode. In Iran, her show is all the rage on television, even though most people can only see it through illegal satellites. "My episode has become a hit because they are so interested to see how Iranian-Americans live. I hear through my family in Iran how popular the show and my family have become." She says she's thrilled to hear the news because she thinks her culture wasn't getting the representation it deserved in the media. Ava is proud of being a role model for other Iranians and to have had represented the Iranian community on the show. And yes, Ava still has the famous "not used" Range Rover she received as a birthday gift from her parents. In fact, she says anytime someone recognizes her they ask "Do you still have your Range Rover?!" Just the other day she was driving the car and was stopped at a red light when a guy pulled up next to her and asked her in jest, "Hey, didn't you get that car for your Sweet 16?" She had a good chuckle over it. Ava's favorite pastime is traveling so she hasn't gotten a chance to check out too many new episodes of My Super Sweet 16. She has heard there've been some other parties with Arabian night themes and Sweet 16ers getting carried in by hot boys and she likes to think that her party may have inspired it -- "That's the biggest compliment!" But there's one thing she still regrets after all this time, "I WISH I HAD HOOKAHS AT MY PARTY!" she laughs. Last fall, Ava started her freshman year at the University of California, Santa Barbara, which she calls her dream school. She plans to major in Environmental Science and International Relations.