Season 4 E 4 • 30/01/2007

Amberly, who hails from Virginia Beach, Va., has been referred to as the blonde Barbie. Appropriately, pink is Amberly's signature color because it's girly and makes her feel like a princess. With that in mind, the theme for her My Super Sweet 16 party will be "Pink Ice." Raised by her mother, Amberly did not meet her father until she was older. As someone who believes peoples are jealous of her rich girl vibe, Amberly also thinks her father spoils her to compensate for lost time. Case in point: He's set a budget of $300,000 for her sweet 16 party, so this daddy's girl can have anything her pink heart desires. Set in a vintage theatre, Amberly's party will entertain more than 800 invited guests. She and her father visit the venue to discuss the arrangements with the planner. During the planning process, Amberly's father fires two party planners because he's concerned they're not going to make it the perfect event he wants it to be. Next, Amberly has a fragrance designed just for her to be bottled as party favors, at a cost of more than $10,000. She tells the fragrance designer that she wants the bottle to be pink with glitter at the bottom. During a photo shoot with her fragrance, Amberly notes that her party will be the talk of the town and will make her a local celebrity. To find the perfect pink dress, Amberly's father takes her to Paris where he hires a local stylist to take her to the most exclusive stores in the fashion capital. But Amberly isn't impressed and keeps asking, "Where the American stores are,"' much to the disdain of her Parisian personal shopper. Her father fires the personal shopper and with the help of her father's friend who owns a Paris boutique, Amberly finally finds a dress she loves. One problem: it's red, not pink. But that's not an issue for her father, who asks the store to dye it pink and have it altered to Amberly's liking. The total cost is $7,000. To distribute invitations, Amberly holds a pre-party fashion show. The event serves an alternate purpose, demonstrating what Amberly believes her guests should wear to her real party. The day before her event, Amberly wakes up with a huge bump by her nose. As it's a blemish that has gotten bigger over a three-month period, Amberly's mother takes her to a skin care professional. The bump turns out to be a cyst, and luckily there is a treatment that should shrink it in time for the party. When the big day arrives, more than 900 guests wait two hours in the bitter cold to get into her birthday bash. Amberly arrives in a white stretch limousine wearing her personally picked perfect pink dress from Paris. She feels "like a total celebrity." Inside, Amberly stands center stage and introduces her signature perfume. The partygoers are excited when she announces that they'll all get one (can you say "Oprah moment?"). Later, Amberly re-emerges in shorts and surprises her guests with a hip-hop dance performance. Although her steps don't go as planned, she still has a good time. Amberly hopes that this party makes her a legend. As she rides away in the back of a white stretch limmo wearing a white dress, she turns to her father and says, "So for my seventeenth birthday...," before he interrupts to say with a laugh, "Uh-uh. No way!"