E 5 • 16/02/2005

Natalie has just moved from dull Roswell, NM to glamorous La Jolla, CA to live with her wealthy dad and step mom. At 15 years old, Natalie is now living in a $5 million house and cruising around town in her dad's Bentley's and Ferraris. What more could she want? How about being the most popular girl at school? Well, it just so happens that Natalie's dad owns five of the hottest nightclubs in southern California, any of which would be a great place to host her unforgettable Sweet 16. Natalie starts planning the biggest bash La Jolla has ever seen by personally handing out 1,000 invitations to everyone but freshman. Half the people invited are wondering who this mysterious Natalie is, while freshman just don't understand why she thinks she is better then them. Then, Natalie and her step mom, Melissa, go off to Las Vegas on a mission to find the perfect dress. With price not an issue, their search leads them to big, designer-name stores where Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton are known to shop. After trying on numerous dresses, Natalie finally decides on a body-hugging, $900 one-of-a-kind piece. Back in La Jolla, Natalie hits the nail salon to have little diamonds placed on her nails. At ten dollars per diamond, Natalie's simple manicure could cost her around $800 dollars, but she is unfazed. Apparently diamonds are a necessity in Natalie's book of glamour. While Natalie is being pampered, she hears the breaking news that freshman are plotting to attend her party. Natalie vows to find them and kick them out. While preparing for her Roswell friends to arrive, Natalie wonders if they will fit in with her La Jolla friends. She and her dad pick up Sara and Will at with airport in her dad's Rolls Royce. Sara and Will are absolutely stunned at Natalie's luxurious lifestyle and proclaim that they are living a scene out of The OC. Finally it's party time. At the club, the music stops as Natalie and her friends make their grand entrance, walking through the cheering crowd to the middle of the dance floor. Natalie's rags-to-riches transformation now seems complete. She appears to be the biggest thing to happen to La Jolla for a long time. Her birthday wish has come true. My Super Sweet 16 -- Where are they now? Updates NATALIE, La Jolla, CA -- Season 1 It's been a while since we last caught up with Natalie from Season 1 of My Super Sweet 16 and she's definitely been a busy girl. The high school senior moved from La Jolla, CA to Austin, TX for her last year of school and is concentrating on playing soccer and having fun. After all this time, Natalie says she still gets recognized from the show a lot. In fact, she's been talking to teen pop star Aaron Carter recently, who recognized her from the series and decided to contact her, "He's a nice guy." But she proudly tells us she's single and wants to stay that way for now, "Who wants to be a relationship during their senior year?!" Since her appearance on the original season of the My Super Sweet 16, Natalie says she's been asked to be on various TV shows and appear in different magazines but she's only committed to a few offers. She had the opportunity to meet all of the other season one Sweet 16ers during their 2004 reunion shoot but the only person she still keeps in touch with is Hart who she says is very cool. Otherwise she admits she really hasn't seen many of the new episodes of the show. Although Natalie didn't receive a car as a 16th birthday gift, her dad recently got her a brand new red Audi A4 Turbo which she describes as "tight." But she has more than her car on the mind! She's focused on getting through her senior year in Texas so she can move back to California after graduation and attend USC in Los Angeles next year. She eventually hopes to get involved in her father's night club business, saying "I plan to take over his places and make a living for myself!"