Kat Castro
Season 6 E 2 • 20/11/2007

Meet Kat. Kat is from Palm Springs, California, and is one graciously loving daddy's girl. Her love for him doesn't just stop with him, but with his credit card. Kat's father is also her wallet, forking over thousands and thousands of dollars for shopping sprees. Enveloped in wealth, you would think that Kat and her similar peers would be living it up everyday. This, our friends, is a mere illusion; the kids are still bored, searching for something to make their young lives stick out. Tired of boredom, Kat proposes to throw the grandest super sweet sixteen any of them have ever witnessed. And, thanks to daddy, it's fully possible. First, she needs a site. Wanting to find something different, Kat searches all of California's ground. But, when nothing sparks her interest on land, she moves to sea! That's right; Kat is hoping to house her Caribbean themed party on the famous Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. This cruise liner is huge! In fact, it's so huge that Kat could easily fly three helicopters on to it as a grad entrance! And this, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what she intends to do. Kat and Jeffrey, a good friend decked out in pirate attire, take a huge party bus to hand out "message in a bottle" invitations. As the pirate rings each and every door bell, inviting the intended guests to climb aboard, Kat's bus quickly fills. There, she announces that all the people on the bus are VIPs. Dancing in the presences of pulsing lights and booming music, the buss turns in to a party in itself! But, this is nothing to what Kat is about to show us! This pre-party is only the icing on the cake! With over 400 people attending her party, Kat and her Father interview police officers to help patrol the event. She ends up hiring Kevin, a bodyguard, who has worked with Brittney Spears and Michael Jackson. Kat loves both of these artists, so why not get their body guards?! A Sweet Sixteen means a driver's license. And, what good is that for without a ride? Kat is receiving a brand new Porsche for her birthday. The car should be a surprise, but her father has a better way to stun her. Kat is going to have West Coast Costums specifically design the body of the car for her. After picking out everything she could possibly want in the car, the grand total comes to one-hundred grand. Her father is taken aback. That is more than the car! He says he'll think about it. A package has arrived for Kat. It's her dress! But, as she tries it on, disaster strikes. It's too long, way too long. With only a day till her big party, there's absolutely no time to get another one. She calls her father, asking for his advice. All he can say is, "You got scissors?" It's the morning of the party as all of Kat's friends jump on her bed, waking her to the big day. She gets dressed with her team of stylists and makeup artists. It's only when her father comes in that things start to go berserk. She's beyond fashionably late. After lengthy amount of time, Kat and her gorgeous entourage of finely dressed boys and girls pile into a limo and head to the choppers. As they arrive at the helicopter pad, there's a big problem. There's only one helicopter, not three. Apparently, they were only put down on the list for one. Kat is forced to say la vie to her friends and ride alone. The crowd of friends and family looks above them. A helicopter slowly descends to the deck of the cruise liner. As it finally comes to a landing, Kat emerges with a boy at her side. A Porsche then rolls up at her party, totally taking her by surprise. Before the party even starts, she receives her fresh ride! And, you better believe it's exactly what she anted, tricked out form top to bottom. After a performance form some crazy break dancers, the blowing out of the candles on the cake and a sick display of fireworks, Kat's Sweet Sixteen floats everyone's boat.