Season 4 E 2 • 07/01/2007

Cher lives in a castle in the small town of Palm Harbor, Florida. Her best friend and mother is a V.I.P. of Saks Fifth Avenue. Cher's Sweet 16 theme is a Mardi Gras masquerade ball because it'll give her party a festive feel. Cher hands out invitations door-to-door on a costumed horse to impress her friends. Back at home, Cher tries on two dresses that she designed for her party, but gets nervous because one is too sexy for comfort. Her mother encourages her to enjoy the wild one. Good times seem to come to a halt when Cher sees that her parade float is poorly designed. Not to worry though, it gets redesigned in time for the bash. Cher's grand entrance is mystical. A magician makes Cher appear magically from a box before an anxious crowd of partygoers. Inside, after Cher performs a dance routine, her parents announce that they have a gift for her outside: a $96,000 cherry red Jaguar. Cher declares, "Nobody's going to be able to top my party because this party was the party of a lifetime."