Season 5 E 11 • 19/08/2007

Bre Roca's star is on the rise -- at 15, she's the youngest rapper to ever be signed to Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella Records label and she stars in the Nickelodeon show Star Camp. Living large, with an even larger daily agenda of rehearsals, she has virtually no time for her friends. That's why she's putting everything on hold in order to throw the biggest rock star-themed My Super Sweet 16 that Los Angeles has ever seen. It's time for Bre to party like a rock star! Bre starts things off right by selecting her site, which must be perfect. Hoping to show off her rhyming skills, Bre wrote a song that she wants to perform in front of all her guests. Not letting anything compromise her vision, she says she needs a full stage with tons of lights and backup dancers. But to throw the ultimate concert, she needs the ultimate guest star. And Bre knows exactly who to hit up: Hurricane Chris! So she heads to a radio station to ask Chris on the air if he'll perform at her party and he gladly accepts. Then the two rappers start a freestyle battle, and, even though she's a newbie, Bre spits some rhymes that blow Chris' mind. In the car with her father, Bre tells him what she wants for her birthday. A dollhouse? A pony? Get real! It?s Bre?s Super Sweet 16, and she wants a fully-equipped Range Rover! The model she wants is totally tricked out and costs close to $90,000, which her dad isn't too thrilled about. After giving up on begging her father for a new car, Bre calls a friend to help her deliver her party invitations. Almost instantly Nick Cannon hops out of a white Rolls Royce and knocks on her door -- he's the perfect partner in crime. Bre and Nick head off to the Hard Rock to hand out the VIP invitations, which are for her closest friends. When she comes face-to-face with her friends, she informs them that they will have an all-access pass to her party and hands out goodie bags. The guests go wild when they see what's in the bags -- new cell phones, which come complete with a personalized video invitation to Bre's My Super Sweet 16 party. With the VIP invitations all gone, Bre tells all her other friends to meet her at the beach. But she gets stuck in mad crazy traffic, leaving them freezing by the water! After waiting for more than an hour, Bre finally pulls up and whips out her bullhorn, calling people's names one by one to come pick up their Golden Ticket. The invitations inform them to not only party like rock stars, but dress like ones, too. If they don't dress up, they don't get in. Next, Bre focuses on her grand entrance to the party. She wants to roll deep in a pimped out low rider with the hottest guy she can find by her side. So she auditions some stylish fellas, looking for "the one." When a handsome young man named Brandon puts the moves on Bre, she checks ?finding a boy? off her list of things to do! Now all she needs is the perfect outfit, and it just so happens that her custom-made dress just arrived from Canada. As the poppin' purple and black '80s-style dress is unpacked, Bre can't believe her eyes -- it's exactly how she pictured it! But she's quickly brought back down to earth when she's informed that her mother went out of town without approving the lighting for the stage, leaving Bre in the dark when it comes to her performance. The morning of her party, Bre is super-nervous about her Super Sweet 16. With no lights and possibly no concert, she doesn?t even want to get out of bed. But when her phone rings, the news on the other end is good. The problem with the lights has been fixed and Bre is back in the game! With the minutes ticking down till it's time for her big show, Bre puts on her makeup and teases her hair. Then she hops in the low rider with her dream boy Brandon and heads off to the party escorted by a bunch of bikers. After Bre makes her grand entrance, the party starts and the guests tear up the dance floor. Everything seems to be perfect until the party takes a turn for the worse. Bre, onstage and eager to perform, checks the microphone. She checks it again ?and again. It?s not working! How's she supposed to show off her mad mic skills? Some heated words are thrown back and forth between Bre and the soundman, turning her sweet 16 sour. Finally, the mic is turned on and Bre is off and running. The crowd goes wild as the birthday girl takes the stage. After her performance, as the applause dies down, Bre's father places a set of keys in her hands. Unsure what they?re for, she heads outside with the crowd following in her footsteps. In the parking lot she finds -- surprise, surprise -- a shiny new Range Rover! Climbing behind the wheel, Bre knows she definitely partied like a true rock star during her Super Sweet 16.