Season 5 E 10 • 21/08/2007

After MTV held a contest to find the Next Super Sweet 16er, viewers voted and chose Stefanie, a typical teen from Lindenhurst, N.Y., who loves hanging out with her friends and taking tons of photographs. But what isn't typical about Stefanie is that she was recently diagnosed with cancer. The news changed her life and turned her world upside down. But why should that stop her from having the My Super Sweet 16 party she always dreamed of? Before she was diagnosed with cancer, Stefanie always envisioned having the perfect sweet 16 party. Now, with everything she's gone through, including chemotherapy, Stefanie is afraid her Super Sweet 16 might be overshadowed by sickness and worry. Despite Stefanie's fears, her mother entered her into the Next Super Sweet 16er contest, and winning it was the first good thing that happened to Stefanie all year. So, with the help of MTV and some My Super Sweet 16 all-stars, Stefanie is forging ahead with her party plans. Stefanie's rockin' Super Sweet 16 party is guaranteed to put the rest to shame! To get the ball rolling, Sophie, one of the My Super Sweet 16 all-stars, takes Stefanie to meet the party planners. But these are no regular event planners; they have done huge celebrations for the likes of Kimora Lee Simmons and guests Diddy, Usher and Avril Lavigne. The birthday girl is encouraged to think big when it comes to her party, so she chooses a "Party Like a Rock Star" theme at New York City's Roseland Ballroom. Having given it some thought, Stefanie even sketched her own birthday cake featuring a guitar smashing through a snare drum. With the party planners on board with her ideas, it looks like her dreams are about to come true! Now that the planning is underway, people have to know what's up! And the invitations set the whole tone for the party. So Stefanie meets Darnell, another My Super Sweet 16 all-star, who is going to help her make personalized invitations -- her very own compilation CD filled with her favorite songs! In the recording studio, Stefanie gets a bit of stage fright while recording her personalized message that will appear on each invitation. But Darnell talks her through it and pushes her to make it perfect. Finally, after dozens of tries, they get the right take and Stefanie's invitations are ready to go. Pretty rad! Now that the invites are taken care of, it's time for Stefanie to get fitted for her dress by none other than Richie Rich and Traver Rains from Heatherette! These two designers have created kick-ass outfits for tons of celebrities, including Kelly Osbourne and My Super Sweet 16er Teyana, and now it's time for them to go to work on Stefanie to make sure she's the center of attention at the big event. When it's time to hand out the invitations, the all-star team shows up in a tour bus that has Stefanie's name and face all over it. Looks like Stefanie's mode of transportation has arrived! But that's not all ? inside the bus is Buddy Nielsen, the lead singer of Senses Fail! Stefanie is speechless when she finds out he's going to help her hand out the invites. When Stefanie pulls up in front of her school in her tour bus, there are tons of kids outside who are hoping to get an invitation. With Buddy by her side, she passes out her personalized CDs. As her friends step up one by one to pick up their coveted party invitations, Buddy and Stefanie autograph each CD. That's a keeper! When the big day arrives, Stefanie is professionally primped and looks absolutely stunning in her custom-made Heatherette dress. As her guests arrive at Roseland Ballroom, there's a red carpet and plenty of paparazzi waiting to make them feel like superstars. Inside, her friends start glamming it up with free makeovers and henna tattoos and rockin' out on the video game Rock Band. With TRL's Damien Fahey hosting and celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson spinning some tunes, it's a killer pre-show. The My Super Sweet 16 party gets even better when the birthday girl makes her grand entrance by being elevated onto the stage while smoke and streamers fly into the air. The crowd erupts in applause, not knowing that soon an entourage of celebrities will appear. It's all a huge surprise to Stefanie, too, as she has no idea who's appearing at her big bash. When one of Stefanie's favorite bands, The Sleeping, bum-rushes the stage, she can't believe her eyes. And little does she know that this is only the beginning! The Used, another favorite, sends her a video message informing her that they're gifting her with two backstage passes to their upcoming concert! Then, the biggest surprise of all -- a mysterious yet familiar voice is heard over the speakers singing "Happy Birthday." As a huge cake appears, My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way pops out and the band kicks into their breakthrough song "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)." The crowd goes crazy as My Chemical Romance performs a sizzling surprise show. It's a dream come true for Stefanie. After My Chemical Romance finishes their set and everyone starts to calm down, MTV has even more surprises in store for Stefanie. On her behalf, MTV is donating $10,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation made out in her name and she receives an iPhone and a Canon professional camera. To top it all off, My Chemical Romance wheels out her kick-ass custom-designed birthday cake and sings "Happy Birthday" to her again. That's really the icing on the cake! From the surprise celebrity guests to the super-special gifts, Stefanie got more than she could have ever imagined. This Next My Super Sweet 16er contest winner totally partied like a rock star and had a once-in-a-lifetime experience!