Season 5 E 5 • 17/07/2007

Alyson ain't a small-time girl, even though she hails from the small town of Little Rock, Arkansas. Little Rock's claim to fame has always been that it's the hometown of former president Bill Clinton, but Alyson is going to make sure her My Super Sweet 16 party makes its way into Little Rock history! Around town, Alyson is known as "the rich girl," and she proudly shows off her designer purses and handbags. Despite her high-end taste, Alyson has no interest in looking like a princess at her birthday bash. Instead, she chooses a military theme and wants everything to be crunked out. And she doesn't want to hire a superstar performer, so she asks local duo Dre and Jantae to perform their popular song "Jump Rope" at her party. She's been talking about her My Super Sweet 16 for two years, so it better live up to the hype! Time for operation invites! Alyson and her VIP girls head to a local park to hand out the coveted invitations. Those fortunate enough to be part of the roll call receive dog tag-style invitations. The less fortunate have to work for a dog tag -- those stragglers that impress Alyson with their dance moves score an invitation. Alyson decides that even though she already has the crunkest custom-made military outfit to wear to her My Super Sweet 16 party, she wants to show off her sexy side, too! She goes shopping for a gown and settles on a stunning turquoise number because it makes her "feel like a million dollars!" Yes, sergeant sexy is in the house! Attention! Next up, Alyson needs some sexy soldiers to escort her during her grand entrance. It's time to find eight hot guys who will be lucky enough to stand by her side. To see if they've got what it takes, Alyson makes all the hopefuls compete in her own version of boot camp. Their tasks include showing off their dancing skills and completing an obstacle course. At the end of the day, Alyson selects the eight hottest guys to be her party soldiers. But what's a Super Sweet 16 without the perfect amount of bling? When her mother takes her to the jewelry store, Alyson coyly tells the sales assistant that her daddy didn't give her a budget. The sales assistant offers Alyson a deal she can't resist: diamond earrings, a necklace and a bracelet of her choice for "just" $165,000! Alyson readily accepts the offer, justifying the expense by saying "life's too short for ordinary diamonds!" On the day of her My Super Sweet 16 party, Alyson reluctantly rolls out of bed to get her hair done, and incessantly nags the hairdresser about how long it's taking and when she will be finished. After what seems like hours, her 'do is finally done, and she storms out without even saying thank you. Alyson cheers up a bit when she slips into her military outfit and waits for a Hummer to pick her up for the party. Unfortunately, the Hummer doesn't show up on time and Alyson freaks when she learns that it won't be there for another 20 minutes! Oh no! The party is starting without her! At the party, Alyson's guests arrive and are awed by the decorations, especially the fake volcano. But the volcano lets off so much smoke that the fire alarm goes off and the fire department is called! All the guests are evacuated and the firefighters work hard to clear the smoky air while Alyson is stuck at home stressing about the state of her sweet 16 party. Will it be allowed to go on despite this fiasco? Luckily for Alyson, the fire department allows everyone back inside and Alyson's Hummer finally arrives. Her long awaited grand entrance goes off perfectly and her party is totally under control. Alyson sneaks off to change into her glamorous gown and her guests are impressed with how "girlie" she looks. The DJ announces the special guest performers, and all of Alyson's friends are excited to hear the popular "Jump Rope" song they love. Alyson dances on stage and all eyes are on her ? exactly how she likes it! Then, just when she thought things couldn't get any better, Alyson's parents surprise her with a brand-new Volkswagen convertible! Alyson shrieks with delight and drives off in her new car, knowing her Super Sweet 16 is definitely one for the history books.