Alex Post
Season 6 E 3 • 27/11/2007

Meet Alex, a soon-to-be 16-year-old and an heir to a fortune out of Boston, Massachusetts. She doesn't take life too seriously, except for when it comes to throwing down the best summer party in Boston. See, for Alex, her friends live the privileged life as well. To them, an extravagant party is really just the norm, that's why Alex's sweet sixteen will absolutely have to be over the top. Let the sin begin! That's right, lust, gluttony, greed, envy and so much more... this party is going to be themed to the seven deadly sins. You better believe Alex doesn't want any goodie-two-shoes at her high-class gala. Alex threw a pre-party at one of her parent's bars. This is where Alex's friends will see if they made it onto the coveted invite list. The next day, Alex holds a VIP audition for her closest friends on her Boston roof-top pad. Each friend is asked to dress up as their favorite sin. Unfortunately for Alex, two of her good friends have no desire for the VIP status or grand entrance. Disappointed, Alex asks the both of them to leave her rooftop. Who knows if they will even be allowed in her party at all? Alex has decided that she wants to unleash the dancer side of herself to everyone at her party. With absolutely no prior dance experience, she has enlisted a professional instructor to help her along with the performance. Alex falls flat a number of times in attempt for a cool break dance move called the "knee drop." It's all on Alex to practice enough so she doesn't fall flat on her face of what would be the most disastrous sweet 16 party ever. Later on, Alex's Mom takes her and her sister to a BMW dealership to do some birthday present perusing. Alex's classmates will be filled with envy when they see the beemer that she has her eyes set on. The next day, Alex invades a dance school to hand pick her back-up break dancers. They have to look good, so she can look good. Now that she has her own instructor and back-up crew, there's only one more thing she needs... a brand new pair of sneakers to wear while break dancing. Alex stops at an ultra exclusive Boston shoe shop, Bodega, with some friends to pick out the perfect pair. Armed with her new dress, hair style and uniformly dressed VIP entourage, Alex is still very nervous. But the party erupts to her delight upon arrival. After rocking the party for awhile, it's time for Alex to hit the stage for her break dance performance. It was an intense moment for Alex, but she nailed the entire thing... including the "knee drop." A now very elated Alex has one more surprise to unleash on her party goers... a live performance by Boston's fav "Shiny Toy Guns." Finally, what else would you want to end your sweet 16 party with other than a brand new ride that anybody would envy?