Season 4 E 1 • 16/01/2007

Allison lives in the prestigious part of Atlanta, Buckhead Park. This self-proclaimed "Buckhead Betty" likes to shop, and her daddy gets her what she wants. Allison's father is a major entertainment attorney, so she's accustomed to celebrity parties and wants her Sweet 16 to be huge. Allison's having a debutante ball at home, then a Sweet 16 dance party at Diddy's restaurant, Justin's. Later, after shopping for dresses, Allison fails to find the perfect one and threatens not to go to her party if she doesn't look better than everyone there. To show everyone that her party is big before it even begins, Allison has 1980s sitcom actor Emanuel Lewis (Webster) drop off invitations with her. On the day of the debutante, R&B group TLC member and family friend Chilli helps Alison tie her dress. Allison's beautiful debutante entrance moves her mother to tears. While being driven to the Sweet 16 party led by a marching band parade, hit producer Jermaine Deupri jumps in the car with her. The crowd goes wild when Jermaine introduces Allison. The party is really on and poppin' when G-Unit's Lloyd Banks and Young Buck perform. Things only get better when Allison's parents present her with a box containing the keys to the $45,000 Mercedes Benz that she wanted. Allison says, "It was the most amazing Sweet 16 ever."