Season 4 E 7 • 20/02/2007

For her entire life, Katie has been pampered like the spoiled southern belle she is. She's never has to lift a finger. Katie has a "current" boyfriend, Josh, dance medals and pink hand bags in her closet. After saying, "I'm not a redneck," Katie shows "the deer room," which is full of deer heads that her father hunted and hung on the walls. Katie's housekeeper, Miss Rosie, styles Katie's hair before she goes on a shopping spree. In Los Angeles, Katie purchases an $8000 dress for her party from Les Habitudes, who've outfitted everyone from Halle Berry to Jennifer Lopez. Katie loves Christmas time so much that she's going to have a Christmas-themed bash. Because she already has everything she could ever possibly want, Katie asks her guests not to bring her gifts. Instead, they are to bring a new, unwrapped toy that she will donate to Toys for Tots. Without a toy, kids will not be allowed entrance to the party. Katie tells her party planner that she wants the party to be like a candyland with tons of Christmas trees, snow, candy canes, a snowman and more. Katie's determined to bring Christmas to Memphis. In the town square, Miss Katie Claus arrives dressed in a Santa suit. A huge crowd awaits Katie's arrival, then scream as their names are called. One girl looks to the sky and cries, "Thank you, Jesus." The experience to Katie was "Merri-licious." People expect Katie to have a big performer, so she goes to the studio to meet with Yung Joc. At his studio, she asks Yung Joc to perform, but his performances run $85,000 a show. Yung Joc challenges Katie to rap about her party. She not only raps well, but breaks down the 'walk it out' hip-hop dance. Yung Joc's impressed and agrees to perform at Katie's party. Katie's parents buy her a 6-door customized Hummer because it's really safe. She wants it bullet-proof because "We live in Memphis, Tennessee," she laughs. Katie's in love with the car but wants to customize it with pink washer fluid, a customized horn and chandeliers so that when her friends see it, it's pimped out. Stacked with two televisions and a mini-bar, it's the only 6-door Hummer, and it costs $125,000. Katie makes her boyfriend Josh compete in a bowling game to be her escort against a cute guy she likes, Michael. Although Michael loses in a series of contests against Josh, Katie selects him "because he's goofy and hilarious." After Katie picks Michael, Josh feels like a fool for coming out to the bowling alley. Katie says he'll have to get over it. On the day of her birthday, Katie's parents surprise her with a $100K watch from Jacob the Jeweler. She asks, "Is this water-proof? So take it off before I get in the shower?" On the day of her party, Katie and Michael arrive in a Christmas sleigh led by a horse. While the crowd screams her name, boyfriend Josh rolls his eyes. Later, Katie has a great time dancing with friends until Josh starts following her around. Katie claims that she needs space from him, but enjoys dancing with Michael while Josh frowns from a distance. Katie's father announces a special surprise - Yung Joc! Joc puts his diamond-laced necklace around her neck and performs. Katie's party guests are excited about Yung Joc's show, but Katie's also excited about the chain that he gave her -- until she's asked to return it back to him. The crowd rushes outside to see Katie's loaded Hummer. Everyone loves it. One kid says, "My dad would sell me for that car." Yung Joc hops in the Hummer with Katie, and asks, "You do got your license, right?" Katie looks at Yung from the driver's seat and says with her gentle, southern charm, "I sure don't," then drives away. Katie declares, "I brought Christmas to Memphis. It was the most amazing night of my life."