Season 4 E 13 • 10/04/2007

Destinee is the daughter of former NFL star Ray Buchanan. Because everyone knows who her dad is, she's convinced that if her Sweet 15 isn't the biggest and best, then her reputation will be totally ruined. Destinee wants to be an actress or model, so it's no surprise that hers is going to be a Welcome Hollywood-themed party on this episode of My Super Sweet 16. To get the action rolling, Ray drafts some of his friends from the NFL to help her hand out Oscar statuette invites at a sports bar. Her friends are excited to meet the famous football players. Part of Destinee's bash will include video of re-enacted scenes from three popular movies. While shooting, Destinee bumps heads with the director who doesn't seem to realize she's in charge. "I can direct better than you," she tells him. Being an overprotective dad, Destine's father wants bodyguards to protect his princess, so they auditions them. The prospective tough guys have to protect Destinee against balls that her dad throws, then they have to dance. Destinee selects a pair of hulking bodyguards who she feels will make her look good. Although she's 14, Destinee shops for a car. Wearing a shirt that reads, "I always get what I want," Destinee begs her dad for a $76,000 Range Rover. But he shows her what type of car she'll get if she makes a 'D' in school. It's not a bad car for most people, but certainly not the kind of ride Destinee wants or thinks she deserves. On the day of the party, Destinee rides to the bash with her escort, Patrick from the group B5. Inside the party, everyone watches Destinee's movie scenes on a big screen. They are presented as competing films at the "2007 Destinee Awards." When the announcers say, "The winner is ... Destinee," she arrives to greet a screaming crowd. Her movie posters are outside like those at celebrity premiere movie screenings. Destinee feels like a Tinsel Town Goddess on the red carpet. After Destinee dances with a group called Sugar Rush, her parents surprise her by having R&B star Sammie sing to her. She feels special. Outside, Destinee, the crowd and her parents watch as a minivan arrives. Telling her that it's her gift, her says, "You can put rims on it!" But the joke doesn't last long when the real deal arrives: a shiny new Range Rover! This leads a very happy Destinee to declare, "I can't wait until my Sweet 16!"