Chanae Brown
Season 6 E 6 • 02/01/2008

Chanae is a preacher's daughter from Cleveland, but she's no angel. Her father is the biggest pastor in Cleveland and she is his princess. Now that she's turning sixteen, Chanae is ready to show everyone that Christians can rock too. Her parents are apprehensive about spending so much money for a rock and roll bash, but Chanae firmly believes that God wants her party to be the best thing Cleveland's ever seen. How could her parents possibly say no to a party in the actual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Chanae ups the ante when she delivers her invitations via motorcycle. Is her mom really surprised that what Chanae really wants for her birthday is a pink scooter? Apparently so, because when they go shopping, Mom is not impressed by the prices or the dangerous vehicles. Of course, rockers aren't known for having a mouth full of metal, so Chanae has her braces removed for the occasion. A few hours of dental work and Chanae emerges with a retainer and a bright straight smile. That bright smile can't help Chanae when she arrives for her final dance rehearsal. Her instructor is not impressed with Chanae's attitude of lack of practice. She's even less impressed when Chanae's friend falls in rehearsal. Unfortunately, there's no time for worrying about dancing -- it's the day of Chanae's big party! The birthday girl completes her transformation with a new sassy haircut and gets on her father's plane to make her grand entrance. Naturally, the crowd goes nuts when Chanae emerges from the plane and hops on the back of a motorcycle to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Chanae shines in her dance routine but when some of the party-goers start some dirty dancing, Chanae's preacher Father is forced to step in. And what Christian rock and roll party would be complete without a performance by a Christian rap group? The party is about to end and it's the moment of truth: will Chanae get her pink scooter? Sadly not...instead she got three! She is truly blessed.