Season 5 E 1 • 19/06/2007

Audrey is the quintessential Miami girl -- she loves the sun, the beach and, most of all, herself! And soon, this self-proclaimed princess will have the most extravagant and exciting My Super Sweet 16 bash that Miami has ever seen. Well, actually, it's a Latino-style sweet 15 party, complete with a haute couture theme because Audrey loves fashion and name brand clothing. It will indeed be a Quinceanera fit for a princess. Audrey explains that she has to have the best of everything, and she won't accept anything less. And Audrey definitely wants to have the best entertainment around, so she hires local group Los Primeros to perform their popular song ?Eslow Motion.? She reminds them that her reputation depends on their performance at her party, so their butts are on the line! The next order of business: handing out invitations. Dozens and dozens of Audrey's friends -- and a few hopefuls -- gather in a park in anticipation of receiving a coveted invitation to Audrey's sweet 15 bash. When the birthday girl pulls up in a white SUV, everyone starts screaming. With bullhorn in hand, Audrey calls out individual names and hands them each a pair of sunglasses inscribed with an invitation. As she gives out the last few pair of sunglasses, there's still a bunch of people begging for a chance to attend her festivities. But they're out of luck. When Audrey tries on her custom-made dresses, she isn't happy. Even though they're a size 0, she thinks they make her look fat. She orders her mother to buy some new dresses but her mom says Audrey has to wear those since they took six months to make. After giving it some thought, Audrey decides to have a court of her friends assist with her entrance -- but they must look perfect. The court must appear stunning in the slinky, sexy dresses Audrey has designed, and their dancing has to be flawless. As the court girls try on their matching dresses, Audrey holds nothing back when telling the girls they need to lose a few pounds. As one of the girls begins to cry, Audrey says she doesn't care because the party must be perfect, just like her. There will be no flab at this fab party! Although she doesn't have a license yet, Audrey wants to hone her driving skills before her 16th birthday, so she and her mom go shopping for her first car. After dissing tons of cars, Audrey finally finds her dream ride: a $67,000 Lexus convertible. Her mother thinks it's a bit pricey but Audrey insists it's "a good price for happiness." The next day, Los Primeros invites Audrey and her friends to be in a music video they're filming. The video will debut at Audrey's party, and she knows everyone will be jealous that she's got a starring role in it. Finally, Audrey turns 15! As a surprise, Audrey's mom shows up at her school on her birthday with the Lexus Audrey wanted so badly! But Audrey flips out because she didn't want to be given the car at school but rather at the party for everyone to see and envy. After a massive meltdown, Audrey storms off crying and her mother sends the car back to the dealer. Oh well! Although Audrey claims she no longer wants a party because everything's been ruined by her mother's "thoughtless" surprise, the show must go on. On the day of her big bash, there's no time for a dress rehearsal, and Audrey fears that her court will mess up on the dance floor and ruin her grand entrance. Lights, camera, action! After the court dances flawlessly, it's time for Audrey's big entrance. With the lights dim and anticipation high, Audrey walks the runway while showing off her elegant gown. Despite not getting a car, everything is perfect, just like she hoped. Of course, Audrey wouldn't have accepted anything less!