Season 4 E 5 • 06/02/2007

Fly, flashy Los Angeles native Erin is not someone who has a problem speaking her mind. It's in her genes: her father is late rapper Eazy-E, a hip-hop pioneer co-founded infamous gangsta rap act N.W.A. with Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. Pointing to a large poster in her room, Erin proudly shows the lips that she shares with her father. But, because he died in 1995, she has not shared a birthday with him since she turned four. A dozen years later, Erin is confident that her father would want her to have the greatest celebration ever, one more than worthy of My Super Sweet 16. Erin will host her bash at a $16 million mansion in Bel-Air, Calif. Taking a cue from another rapper, Diddy, Erin is planning an all-white party, and emphasizes this point to her friends. When one asks to wear a brown belt since they're friends, Erin makes her intentions clear, saying, "You ain't nobody special." That means everyone wears white! "This has got to be the bombest, flyest, freshest party ever," Erin says, discussing the event with friends. She wants people to talk about her bash forever. Setting an invitation theme of "message in a bottle," She expects hundreds of anxious people to be at the beach awaiting invites, but beach is bare. Luckily, her disappointment proves to be short-lived when a group of strangers are game to dive into the water to fetch her bottled invites. Erin is planning two birthday outfits with the help of her celebrity stylist, Jason. She wants to look like a superstar, but during the fitting, Erin insults Jason's sense of style referring to his dresses as "Easter Sunday" and "table cloth," and Erin's friends fall over laughing while she insults Jason's "grandma rag." "I have to be fly, Jason!" Erin yells. "This is my party!" And it's then that Erin starts to worry that she won't look good for her throwdown. During a trip to a car dealership, Erin sets her sites on a $51,000 car, which she says is cheaper than expected. Her mother laughs, questiojning Erin's definition of cheap and emphasizing that she only thinks it's cheap because she's not paying for it. But Erin has to have it and she hopes her mom gets it for her. Two days before the party, Jason and Erin go for a second round ... or second fitting, depending on how you see it. On the way to Erin's place, Jason complains that she's the "Sweet 16 girl from hell," and admits that he's scared of a little girl. Soon after he arrives Erin's insults begin again. She refers to Jason's dress choices as appropriate for "the strip club." Jason asks, "Can't we all just get along, Erin?" She answers in the third-person, saying, "Erin doesn't do that." Fortunately, Jason pulls out the perfect red dress and Erin is happy with her super fly look, and ultimately thanks Jason for a job well done. On the day of the party, hair and make-up artist Damien is an hour late. As he applies her make-up, Erin complains and complains, telling Damien that he doesn't know what he's doing. He refuses to fix her hair on her demand, especially after Erin calls him a "drama queen" and says he's "acting like a little b----." When an offended Damien packs up and leaves, Erin cries to her mother on the phone, saying that she won't go to the party without her hair fixed. At the mansion, an anxious crowd of partygoers arrive in white. Although Erin's not having a good day, she determined to have a good time. Her mood changes for the better after her grand entrance in a Lamborghini impresses everyone. Wearing a red dress in the crowd of white, Erin feels like a celebrity on the red carpet. Guests declare the party "off the chain like a loose dog." But Erin's fun doesn't last long. When she wants to change outfits, her stylist, Jason, is nowhere to be found. While the guests are outside enjoying themselves, Erin pouts indoors because she wants to wear her next outfit. Suddenly, Erin's mother bursts into the room yelling, "You're missing your whole party! She doesn't have shoes? What kind of s--- ... somebody give her a pair of f---ing shoes!" Erin wants to go home after her mother's tirade and she wonders what else can go wrong. Well, one more thing: the police can shut the party down two hours early. Erin's father had a song that would sum up her feelings nicely -- see track two on the N.W.A. album Straight Outta Compton -- but we digress. Her guests disappointed, Erin warns, "Whoever shut my party down is going down." But before it's completely over, Erin's mother makes sure her daughter's present is delivered before all of her friends leave. As everyone watches, the white Porsche Erin wanted drives up and her friends in white quickly turn green with envy. Despite the fact that party was shut down, the guests had a great time. Erin announces, "You ain't gotta go home, but you gotta get the hell outta here." Although many things went wrong for her, everyone in attendance was unaffected and thought it was the flyest party ever. And that leaves Erin satisfied as she rolls out in her new ride.