Geri Hormel
Season 6 E 4 • 04/12/2007

Everyone say hello to Geri! She's not your typical sweet sixteen princess. She's quite the unique individual. And, with her grandfather inventing spam, you better believe Geri is going to really stretch her insanity as her sweet sixteen nears! Don't let her wacky personality fool you. Her intentions for a wild party were actually inspired by her father. A year and a half ago, he had passed away, leaving the extravagantly ridiculous parties up to his daughter. This is her time to shine; Geri must show the world that she has what it takes to throw one extremely weird, outrageous birthday party! And what could be more outrageous than a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed party? Nothing. Especially when Geri is in control of it! With a concrete list of decorations, including sharks in the pool, a floating bloody leg and little people running around, our birthday girl is off to an oddly bold start. Everyone is required to dress in drag and do the Time Warp. And, just in case there are some people unable to get into the drag queen style, Geri has hired a pro. Her/his name is Trixy. Together they board a party buss, venturing out to deliver Geri's invitations. Inside the pink, fluffy boxes is the Rocky Horror Picture Show DVD and instructions on how to do the Time Warp. Trixy is to hand-deliver them at each and every guest's door. Of course, most of Geri's friends are shocked at first, gawking at the drag queen on their doorstep. Not only must the party be one of a kind, but Geri's furry little animal that will make an appearance at the event. Geri and a friend head out to find an Alpaca to take home. If you aren't sure what an Alpaca is (and I have a feeling you don't; I didn't either) it's a sort of llama. As Geri takes a look around the Alpaca farm, she has her doubts. With their smelly spit, rambunctious manner and unfriendly personality, Geri decides to find another animal. Done with the animals, Geri heads to California to book one of the biggest drag queens in the United States, Jasmine. With her witty, sardonic manner, Geri knows she'll be the perfect oddball shoe-in for the birthday bash! Now, Geri just has to be careful how much this drag queen will charge her! When she arrives back home, there are tons of boxes spread about the floor. These are her props for the party! A friend and her sift through them, finding mannequins and other goodies to decorate the house with. This party is getting weirder and weirder... But to channel the weirdness, Geri must rehearse! She tells three of her friends and her boyfriend to help her prepare for her entrance. The three friends will pretend to be the midgets escorting her in, and her boyfriend will be the drag queen. He winces. But, when Geri threatens to break up with him, he quickly squeezes in to a cute little cocktail dress. After lipstick and a feather boa are added, he is ready. They rehearse, giving Geri a boost of confidence, not to mention a good laugh. The day has arrived! Tons and tons of cross-dressing, neon color wearing kids arrive, Geri is getting the butterflies. As her drag queen hosts announce her entrance, the little people gather around her. Geri slowly emerges form the red velvet curtains and on to the runway. Her friends are in a frenzy. Like some chaotic disco ball on acid, the room swirls with colors and movements. Everyone dances, short and tall alike. It's somewhat like a huge rave in which no one knows exactly who is what or what is who. When everyone actually dos the time warp with Geri, she's totally amazed! They all took time to learn the dance for her! And if this was enough, there is another surprise to take Geri's breath away, a zorse. That's right, a cross between a horse and a zebra. Geri had wanted an interesting animal, and her family went all out. Who cares about a car when you have a zorse!? Satisfied with every bizarre moment, Geri is made a very happy sweet sixteen. And you better believe Geri made her father very, very proud.