Season 5 E 2 • 26/06/2007

Mary is a Southern belle from a small town in Mississippi, where she lives on a farm. But aside from the usual chickens and pigs, Mary's farm includes a massive house, closets full of brand-name clothes and, of course, $200,000 horses! Barbie look-alike that she is, Mary has participated in numerous beauty pageants and loves the spotlight. And with her knack for glamour, Mary's going to show this small town just what a My Super Sweet 16 party should be! Mary wants a Las Vegas-themed party, and what better way to bring a little piece of Sin City to the South than with showgirls and tons of gambling? When meeting with her party planners, Mary tells them they must go big or go home. Mary tries to play it off like money is no object, but her mom is there to keep her in check and the budget under control. When it comes to inviting guests, Mary hires a magician and showgirl to escort her around in a stretch Hummer and personally deliver invitations to each guest. Like most other My Super Sweet 16ers, Mary hopes to get the most extravagant new ride for her birthday. In true Southern style, though, Mary decides a car is no good -- she prefers a horse! At the Falcon Ridge Farm, Mary and her mom shop around the stables until Mary finds the perfect horse -- a black beauty named Tiny Dancer. Mary is sure this is the horse of her dreams, but it's up to mom to decide if it's worth $125,000! Mary leaves disappointed when her mother can't make up her mind. For her grand entrance at her My Super Sweet 16 party, Mary is going to dress up like a Barbie doll! But she needs to find just the right Ken to escort her into the room, so Mary and her entourage audition some super sexy guys for the role. Besides having a hot bod, Mary's Ken must have brains, too. But, most importantly, he must know the name of Barbie's sister. After much deliberation, Mary chooses her Ken by kissing him on the cheek. Mary may have found her perfect match, but what would a My Super Sweet 16 party be without the perfect dress? Mary travels to New Orleans in order to find a dress suitable for her Barbie image. After what seems like many fruitless searches, Mary finally finds the 'Barbie pink' dress she has been looking for -- and it's "only" $2,500! On the morning of her party, while getting all dolled up, Mary receives tons of text messages from desperate kids who are still hoping to be invited to her party. Delete! Mary has no time right now for people who get on her nerves. Once all the guests arrive, Mary surprises them when she rolls in sitting on top of a pink Cadillac convertible, clad in her hot pink dress and accompanied by her sexy male escort. The bash is a blast, as everyone rocks out to the latest tunes while showgirls and acrobats fill the room. But when Mary gets word that a boy she specifically didn't invite has crashed the party she quickly takes control of the situation and tells him to leave. Midway through her party, Mary surprises her guests once again when she introduces a special guest: Ryan Cabrera! The pop star plays an acoustic version of his hit song, "On the Way Down," as Mary and a friend sing backup onstage. And, as if the night couldn't get any better, Mary's mom interrupts Ryan's performance and announces there's one more surprise out front. Led by Ryan, the crowd heads outside to see what the fuss is about. Mary screams with delight when she sees her dream horse, Tiny Dancer, decked out in pink. Looks like Mary got everything she could have asked for - and more! Viva Las Vegas!