Season 4 E 6 • 13/02/2007

In Campbellsville, Kentucky, Ariel's peers consider her the "stuck-up, snobby rich kid." Ariel thinks they're just jealous. Ariel's father owns an oil company and has oil wells all over the country. While the talk of oil can spark a political debate, to Ariel, oil means shoes, cars and purses. And she has no problem getting anything she wants -- including a $1,235 necklace, and during a shopping with her dad, items from the Versace and Coach counters. Competitive by nature, Ariel wants to celebrate her 16th birthday with the biggest party anyone has ever seen. Her entry into My Super Sweet 16 will be a fairytale come to life. Ariel wants to confirm what everyone already knows: her life is totally awesome. Ariel wants to make a grand entrance, so she's going to arrive in her father's helicopter and can't wait to see the looks on her friends' faces when she does. The party will be held in the majestic setting of her family's 50-acre farm, where she wants a huge tent that looks like a castle. In keeping with the fairytale theme, Ariel tells her father that she wants a fairy Godmother and a fire spitter. "Where do you get these ideas, girl?" her father asks. Ariel's list of wants continues: a special antique carriage that Muhammad Ali rode in and a band like the All American Rejects. The band has to be big because people at school are talking and her party will be ruined if her dad gets a lame band. Only 150 people are invited to Ariel's exclusive party, so she and a couple of friends sit poolside and go through their yearbook to point out who's not invited. Ariel laughs at the fact that people have been begging to come to her party and says, "I could care less." When the time comes, Ariel, escorted by two knights, meets a small group of kids to reveal the names of the invited few on a scroll. The others are promptly told, "You're not invited." Ariel's pup will also make a grand entrance at the party, so he has to dress the part. At a pet clothing shop, the dog works the runway in a variety of outfits. The winning one is a tuxedo complete with a top hat that Ariel loves. The dog, on the other hand, looks a little confused. Later after cheerleading at a football game, Ariel asks Jacob, one of the players, to be her date for the party. Jacob readily accepts in front of Ariel's applauding peers and Ariel hopes for a kiss from Jacob at her party. On the big day, Ariel looks beautiful in a tiara and white dress. But while dressing at her mother's home, she fears that something will go wrong, like the tiara being too large for the helicopter. A fairy Godmother welcomes Ariel's guests and directs them into a carriage which takes them to the castle. For her guests, the experience is already "magical," and the party hasn't even begun. Ariel finally makes her grand entrance in a helicopter -- only no one sees her! With all of her guests already in the tent, they are unaware that the princess has arrived outside. After a call to her mother to round up the guests, Ariel makes a successful second grand entrance in a carriage with her sharply dressed dog. Everyone cheers as Jacob escorts Ariel from the carriage to the tent castle and the party officially begins. Ariel looks at the stage with great anticipation when her father summons everyone to the dance floor. She's mortified when she sees that the band is "old," and fears that no one's going to let her live it down. Ariel calls for a miracle. Suddenly, her guests head to the dance floor and have a good time dancing to the retro music. Outside of the tent, Ariel and her partygoers enjoy a professional fireworks display. Under the romantic fireworks-lit sky, Jacob asks Ariel to go out with him. She joyfully accepts, and they share a kiss. "It's a dream come true," Ariel says. Then, Ariel's father calls her over for a surprise. Out of the darkness of the night, two lights from yonder approach. What goes hither? Why, it's a BMW! Ariel jumps up and down, hugs and thanks her daddy. Her friends are all impressed that she has "the coolest car at school." Finally, Jacob and Ariel head off in a carriage while her parents watch, but not without a warning to Jacob from dad. "Have her in before midnight or you'll both turn into a pumpkin." And how does Ariel feel about the night? "It was the perfect fairytale."