Season 5 E 9 • 14/08/2007

To be a true California girl, you need blonde hair, blue eyes and a great tan -- and Savannah's got it all. But good looks aren't the only weapon she has in her arsenal; she's also got lots of dough. She admits she's spoiled, saying the key to getting whatever she wants is being super-sweet to her parents. Now, she's banking on having the biggest My Super Sweet 16 blowout that Orange Country has ever seen. Savannah's father is a hunter with a whole room full of dead, stuffed animals. It's that room that sparks Savannah's imagination, and she wants a wild, jungle-themed party complete with live animals. And the perfect place to throw such a party is in a jungle ? or at least an outdoor club that looks just like one! Although Savannah's parents want to give their daughter everything she's ever dreamed of, Savannah's fearful that her mother will steal the spotlight during her My Super Sweet 16 party. Her mother, who dresses to the nines, always seems to want to one-up the birthday girl, whether it comes to hair, makeup or clothes. But Savannah hopes that her mother realizes that on the big night, it's going to be Savannah's time to shine. Once the party planning is underway, it's time to hand out the invitations, so Savannah hops on a boat and sails to a beach where her friends are waiting. When she arrives, two hunky helpers carry her onto the sand, where she blows a whistle and makes her friends scramble for invitations that come complete with their very own pic of Savannah. Once everyone has an invite, her friends bow down before her. Oh, Savannah, you are truly a jungle queen! Now that the invitations are taken care of, Savannah must figure out what she's going to wear. After a stylist rolls into her home with a full rack of high-end dresses for her to choose from, Savannah decides that one dress won't do ? she needs two! After trying on some stunning styles, Savannah gushes over an $8,000 Escada gown for her grand entrance, but her mother says she doesn't want to spend that much money. So Savannah keeps looking, finding another perfect fit. After lecturing Savannah about spending too much money, Savannah's mother dramatically storms out of the room. Just as Savannah's about to panic, her mother struts back into the room ? wearing the Escada dress! Feeling sexy in the new threads, she says the only way she'll splurge on two dresses is if one's for her and the other's for the birthday girl. Once again, Savannah is fearful that her mother will steal the spotlight during her Super Sweet 16. But, ultimately, Savannah decides she must accept the offer. Now the only thing left to do is find some exotic animals to make Savannah's poppin' party complete. While checking out adorable tigers, monkeys and other cute creatures, it's hard for Savannah to say no. But when she spots a puma, she really begins to coo. Having a puma present will surely put her party over the top. Like any Super Sweet 16er, Savannah is hoping to get a new car for her birthday. But she doesn't want just any car; she wants a Mustang, even though her mom thinks a BMW is a better fit. Out shopping with her father, Savannah looks at 'Stangs and loves them all. Then, to appease her mom, Savannah reluctantly heads over to the BMW dealership, where she falls madly in love with a $48,000 convertible. She hates to admit it, but her mom was right! When the big day arrives, the stylists primp Savannah as the clock ticks. Just 10 minutes before she's supposed to leave, Savannah stresses about the fact that $300,000 worth of jewelry hasn't arrived. While she's freaking out about being late to her own party, the doorbell rings. The jewelry is finally there, and Savannah gleams with delight. Surely, diamonds are this girl's best friend. Lights, camera, Savannah! Over at the My Super Sweet 16 party, a huge crowd is awaiting Savannah's grand entrance. After being shielded by an entourage on the red carpet, Savannah pops out onstage in front of all her guests. From there on out, the night is a culmination of wild teenagers, exotic animals and heavy beats. But when Savannah realizes that some kids crashed her party with fake invitations, she's horrified. To get things under control, Savannah calls security and has the party crashers tossed out. The rest of the night is smooth sailing. When Savannah's parents direct everyone's attention outside, Savannah knows it's time for her big gift. Yup, it's the BMW she fell in love with at the dealership. Savannah, the ultimate jungle queen, jumps in her new ride and takes her friends out for a cruise ? on the wrong side of the road! But, hey, your head would be spinning, too, if you just had the best My Super Sweet 16 party ever!