Season 5 E 4 • 10/07/2007

It's not every day that a teenager gets to throw the sickest birthday bash anyone has ever seen. And this certainly isn't your ordinary, everyday My Super Sweet 16 party; this is Chris Brown's super 18! Yes, the hot, young R&B star plans on celebrating his birthday in true rock star style, and it's going to be poppin'! But Chris isn't satisfied with having just one party, he wants two! He wants a private party so he can hang out with his friends and he wants a party that'll be just for his fans. And what Chris Brown wants, Chris Brown gets. Chris heads to the 40/40 Club in New York City to make preparations for his private party, which will sport a theme that recalls Michael Jackson's 1979 breakthrough solo album, Off the Wall. He meets with his party planner to discuss the big event and tours the lavish club to make sure it fulfills all his expectations. To his delight, the club is better than he expected. At the 40/40, Chris can really do it big! When Chris sets out to find an appropriate place to hold a party for his fans, he's in for a surprise. When he finds out that club Avalon was once a church, he's not sure if he's feeling it. But the club is the only place where teenagers can party, so he decides to check it out anyway. Once inside, he is blown away. The club is definitely the place to be! Now it's time for Chris Brown to purchase a new ride -- an electric blue Lamborghini! He wants it all pimped out, with rad rims and all the fixings. Chris knows that once his friends get a glimpse of his "Ghini," they'll all be amazed. But because of all the customization that needs to be done, Chris' ride might not be ready before the party. Yikes! Chris knows how important it is to be rolling in style on his big night! Chris heads back to his hotel, where his jeweler pops in bearing iced out watches, bracelets and chains -- everything you can imagine! There's some serious bling for Chris to rock at his party, but it comes with a hefty price tag of $250,000. But Chris says it's worth it because you can never have enough bling on your birthday! Next, Chris visits the studio where the dancers and drill team are rehearsing for his party. He checks out their moves and discusses how he wants to make his grand entrance. To the dismay of the dancers, Chris says he won't be busting a move on his big night. He wants them to show off their skills while he struts his stuff in between them. In search of some fresh gear to wear to his poppin' party, Chris hits the Rocawear store. Once he picks out some hot clothes, it's time to rock out! Chris heads to Avalon for the first party that's dedicated to his fans. As Chris emerges, he is greeted by tons of screaming fans! And they're not disappointed, as Chris them a big surprise: Lil Mama performs her hit song, "Lip Gloss." After partying with his fans, it's time for his private party at the 40/40 Club. But when Chris arrives, he's disappointed that there aren't a lot of people waiting outside to witness his grand entrance. He says he's not getting out of the car until there's a crowd, so everyone inside is told to come back out. When the sidewalk is full of people, the drill team skillfully does their thing, the dancers blow the crowd away and -- just like he had hoped -- Chris Brown emerges in style. After dancing and hanging out inside the club with his friends, Chris gets a phone call from Michael Jackson's assistant. Apparently, Michael wants to personally wish Chris a happy birthday! As exemplified by his Off the Wall-themed party, Chris is the ultimate Michael Jackson fan, but, unfortunately, the call gets dropped before Michael gets on the line. Although Chris didn't get to speak to Michael personally, knowing he almost did is a big enough gift for Chris on his super 18! Little does Chris know there's yet another surprise in store for him. He is instructed to go outside, where the customized Lamborghini is tricked out just like he wanted! His friends adore his hot new ride and are, of course, totally jealous. Chris hops in the car, loving the way it looks inside and out. Everything went down just as he planned, and he definitely partied like a rock star. Happy super 18, Chris Brown!