Lauren and Jackie
E 1 • 19/01/2005

Jacqueline and Lauren are really close friends, so they decide to celebrate their entry into adulthood at the Hard Rock Cafe. They hand out invitations at their high school and the word gets out about the party. Their invitation becomes the most prized possession of the day. Jacqueline and Lauren want their party to be perfect so they need the perfect band. Lauren asks her dad if he could see if they could book Christina Aguilera, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park or even Dashboard Confessional. Through Lauren's dad's connections, they learn that Beyonce will do the party for $500,000 dollars. Shocked at the price, Jacqueline and Lauren decline Beyonce's offer. Worried that they won't have a band at the party, Lauren presses her dad to find them one. Finally, Lauren's dad is able to get Unwritten Law to play the party. Next, Jacqueline and Lauren have a private fitting at Saks Fifth Avenue. They try on many dresses and eventually decide on the same black dress. In the end, it appears that Jacqueline and Lauren will be wearing the same dress to the party. Jacqueline and Lauren do not seem pleased with each other's choices but in the end they are cool with it. Just hours before the party starts, many people who don't even know Jacqueline or Lauren call them up asking if they could be a guest at their party. Jacqueline and Lauren become fed up and don't answer their phones. With their cell phones off, they concentrate on getting ready for the party. Lauren tells Jacqueline that she will pick her up at 8:00 p.m. but beforehand, she's going to shave her legs. Lauren heads to the kitchen, hops up on the kitchen counter and starts shaving her legs in the kitchen sink. Jacqueline and Lauren arrive at the Hard Rock Cafe and learn that people have been trying to get into the party with replicated invitations. Not phased, Jacqueline and Lauren enjoy the party regardless of the crashers. Suddenly, Jacqueline spots Pauly Shore at the party. A very excited Jacqueline asks Pauly Shore if they could take a picture with him. While taking pictures, Pauly Shore asks Jacqueline and Lauren if he could get a kiss on the cheek. Jacqueline replies, "No, way that's bad." As Unwritten Law begin to play, a mosh pit forms on the dance floor. Hard Rock Cafe's security and even Lauren's dad try to calm the kids down. Jacqueline gets pulled into the mosh pit and gets punched in the face. Finally, the party comes to an end. Jacqueline thinks the party was a great success whereas Lauren thinks it "wasn't anything special." My Super Sweet 16 -- Where are they now? Updates LAUREN, CA -- Season 1 Jackie and Lauren's famous "coming of age" bash kicked off the My Super Sweet 16 series back in 2004, but Lauren reminds us that she wasn't turning 16 -- for her, it was more like a graduation party, since her high school career was about to end. Lauren is currently a junior in college, studying managerial and organizational communications, with minors in both public relations and Spanish. She is spending this semester studying abroad in Madrid, Spain. After all this time, Lauren says she still gets recognized everywhere. She recalls being at a restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama where the hostess came running over and took several pictures with her camera phone. "It was VERY bizarre. She told me that she was my biggest fan!" Lauren was shocked -- she didn't realize she had "actual" fans! Lauren says she's watched a few of the newer My Super Sweet 16 episodes recently and notices a lot of girls "closing down" dress stores like she and Jackie did for their party. "I remember when I saw it thinking, wow déjà vu of Saks. I think our episode really sort of set the tone for all of the other ones," she tells us, before admitting it's a little crazy watching these new 16 year olds outdo what she and Jackie did! And if she had to do it all again, Lauren would definitely have come up with a grander entrance. With kids arriving on camels and in helicopters now, she realizes that just walking into the club with Jackie while singing Kelis's "Milkshake" song wasn't the most impressive way to kick off their big night! Although Lauren didn't receive a car on the show, soon after she was given a brand new BMW 3 series, "like most of the other Sweet 16 kids," she says in jest. As far as her future plans go, after she graduates in 2008, Lauren hopes to take over her father's commercial real estate company in San Diego.