Season 4 E 10 • 13/03/2007

Priscilla is having an over-the-top My Super Sweet 16 celebration that she hopes will be the talk of the town over her rival Nikki, who threw her own Sweet 16 bash two weeks earlier. Priscilla's taste is expensive, and she gets the brands that she wants, so her dream to have a huge Polynesian Luau-themed Sweet 16 complete with fire eaters and Polynesian dancers shouldn't be a problem. Priscilla revealed her party plans to Nikki, which she regrets because Nikki used a couple of her ideas -- including getting Pitbull to perform. Now Priscilla is determined to make sure that her party is better than Nikki's by having a top name act. Although Priscilla's personal party planner has designed events for Sylvester Stallone, Versace, and Madonna, getting a big performer seems to be a problem because all of the performers who are "way better than Pitbull" that Priscilla wants are not available. Flanked by two authentic Polynesian dancers in grass skirts and coconut bras, Priscilla goes door-to-door putting Leis on her invited guests with details about the party. The guests comment that Priscilla's party is going to be better than Nikki's. But what will Nikki say? Priscilla delivers an invite to Nikki's front door so that Nikki sees how great her party is first hand, but Nikki warns Priscilla that her party will be "hard to top." Priscilla lets Nikki know she's gonna "bring it." Oh, snap! The battle of the My Super Sweet 16s is on. Priscilla's party planner introduces her door hosts to thwart potential party crashers: drag queens! Each drag queen auditions at the amusement of Priscilla and friends, but she selects the one with the most personality and a big, red poofy wig. Next, Priscilla has her braces removed for the night of the party even though they must be put back on a week later. The price tag for this dental visit? Over $1,000. But she loves how her teeth look without braces, "I'm going to look freakin' hot at my party," she says. On the morning before her party, Priscilla 's parents surprise her with a bracelet, but it seems to not mean anything after they tell her that they don't have a performer yet. Priscilla's so upset with that news that she contemplates not going to her own Sweet 16. How can she compete with Nikki without a big name performer? On the morning of the party, Priscilla is bummed that she doesn't have a performer. It doesn't help that Nikki calls Priscilla and says, "Good luck tonight. You're gonna need it." The nerve! Outside of the party venue, a crowd awaits Priscilla's arrival. Nikki makes her way through the crowd and enters the party, anxious to see if Priscilla will mess up on her grand entrance. During her own Sweet 16 where she was carried in on a surf board, Nikki was almost dropped. But Priscilla's grand entrance goes off without a hitch. Following a fire dancer, Priscilla performs a sultry Tahitian dance. The crowd loves it. She looks pretty and her friends are surprised that she can dance that way. Priscilla feels that her entrance is better than Nikki's was. Next, the guest performer arrives on stage. Nikki asks, "Who's that?" It's rapper, Fat Joe. Priscilla's in tears from excitement, and Fat Joe performs his hit song, "Lean Back." The party guests love it. Fat Joe wishes Priscilla a happy birthday, and gives her a huge hug. Off stage, Priscilla and Nikki face off like they did at Nikki's party where Priscilla confronted her for stealing Pitbull. This time the face-off is friendly...or is it really? Nikki tells Priscilla that her party is "amazing," and that they both had parties that no one can top. The rivals hug, but Priscilla thinks her party was better and also suspects that Nikki may still feel that her's was better. Outside, Priscilla is given the keys to a brand new $100,000 silver SL 500 Mercedes hard-top convertible. She's amazed to be driving a car that's "more than a lot of peoples' houses." Even Nikki admits, "It's a lot more expensive than mine." Afterward there's talk about whose party was better. Priscilla's friends ask, "Who's Nikki?," but Nikki's friends let her know that they liked her party better. What matters is that Priscilla got the party of her dreams. After thanking her parents, Priscilla drives away in her Mercedes and declares, "Nikki might have won the first battle, but I definitely won the war."