E 6 • 23/02/2005

Self-proclaimed diva Sierra wants all eyes on her at her over-the-top, celeb-style Sweet 15 party. That's right, she's only turning 15--she wants to beat the crowd and have her big bash one year early. It is very important to Sierra that this party establish her as more than just Cee-Lo's daughter. She plans to arrive in style, with a helicopter dropping her right in the middle of the party. The helicopter pilots tell her it won't be possible, but that's the only way Sierra wants it. And a diva like Sierra can't pass out invitations the normal way either. She has hired a group of people to dress all in white, drive around in a limo and hand-deliver each invite, complete with a miniature Louis Vuitton cake and a speech. Sierra instructs them to let everyone know that if they show up without a present or money, they won't be allowed into the party. Later, Sierra goes shopping at Taste, a store owned by Bow Wow's mother. As luck would have it, Bow Wow himself is there. Sierra has a crush on him and hopes that he'll attend her party. Bow Wow says that if he's in town, he'll stop by. Just when everything seems to be falling into place for the event, tragedy strikes - Sierra brings home a bad report card, causing her mother to call off the party. With her reputation at stake, Sierra panics and immediately starts scheming to get her parents to change their minds. At lunch with her best friend, Jasmine, they decide it would be a good idea to have some of her friends speak to her mother. Needless to say, Sierra's mother is not pleased when the girls come knocking on her door. Afterwards, she sits down with Sierra and tells her that the party is off and she should just get over it. Sierra turns over a new leaf at home and begins doing chores to get back on her parents' good side. She also dedicates more time to studying and brings home two good quiz grades to show her mom. That night her parents come to her and tell her they are happy with the maturity she has shown and have decided to let her have her party after all. With that drama behind her, it's time to get the party planning back on track. After picking out a bunch of outfits, she visits a professional photography studio to have her picture taken. Her pictures will be blown up and hung on the walls at the party. "I'm beautiful and I know it," she says, posing as the cameras snap away. Finally the big day arrives and Sierra begins to worry about her reputation again. Kids at school have been talking for weeks about the celebrities that may make an appearance, but Sierra doesn't know if any of them will actually be there. The family is running late, and Sierra is beginning to get antsy, picturing her friends partying without her. They are two hours late by the time they make it to the helicopter. Everything seems to be going wrong and she can only hope that things will get better once they arrive. Luckily the helicopter entrance works out, and all of the guests are awe-struck. Now that Sierra has arrived, the party can really begin. In true celebrity style, Sierra changes her outfit five times throughout the course of the party. Mid-way through the celebration, Sierra receives a call from Bow Wow wishing her a happy birthday. She is happy to hear from him because she knows he's thinking of her, but she's still disappointed he wasn't able to make an appearance. The party is rounded out by a fashion show, starring who else but Sierra. Before the night is over, Sierra's parents present her with her Sweet 15 birthday present: a tiara. She wears it proudly for the rest of the night, knowing that it cost more than three cars put together. All in all, Sierra says the event was "the perfect party for the perfect diva."