Season 5 E 3 • 03/07/2007

Colin hails from one of the richest families in Cleveland, but that's not good enough for the aspiring prince. Colin wants to go all out for his suave My Super Sweet 16, so he's going to show his hometown what it really means to be royalty with his huge Crown Prince-themed birthday bash. Colin plans to hold his party at The Galleria, a five-level venue fit for a king. Here, he will throw the sickest My Super Sweet 16 party the world has ever seen! To make sure his party is one for the books, Colin hopes to get rapper Mike Jones to perform. When he runs this idea by his mom, she laughs it off and Colin gets frustrated that she doesn't take his request seriously. Back at his house, Colin holds auditions for the hottest dancers to perform at his My Super Sweet 16 party. After rating the girls based on their hot bods and sexy dance moves, Colin chooses six lucky ladies to dance at his party. Colin promises the rest of the disappointed gals invitations to his party, which instantly cheers them up! Colin's got the girls, but what's a sweet 16 without a hot new ride? Colin goes shopping for a BMW with his mom. His royal taste leads him to a $90,000 car, which his mom says is way beyond her budget. Instead, she wants him to check out the pre-owned cars. Say what?! Despite his initial protests, Colin finds a pre-owned car that suits his royal attitude, but his mom claims it's also too expensive. Colin is outraged and says that if he doesn't get a new car for his birthday, he "doesn't want a car at all!" Take that, mom! Then, Colin and his dad head out to the hottest clothing store in town to design Colin's custom-made outfit for the party. Colin's dad tells him to go all out, so Colin selects a black blazer that will be customized with his initials and some crowns. Colin certainly can't feel like a prince if he doesn't look like one! Although most of the invitations have already been dished out, Colin decides to hold a contest at school to pass out a few more -- whoever can make him laugh gets an invitation. Colin is prepared for all the "nerds and freshman" to be out in droves. As the contestants hit the stage one by one, Colin gives them different scenarios to act out. The funniest contestants are lucky enough to score invitations while the unfortunate ones are forced to miss out on Colin's princely event. The night before the party, Colin goes to The Galleria to make sure everything is on point for his big night. He is frustrated when he notices that the stage is much smaller than he anticipated. The choreographer for his grand entrance assures him that the size of the stage will not affect the dancers, but Colin watches in horror as some of the dancers step out of the boundaries during the routine. He flips out to his mom, but she claims it's too late for them to do anything about the size of the stage. Colin frets that if the stage isn't just right, his entire night will be ruined! Still stressing about the stage on the morning of his My Super Sweet 16 party, Colin heads over to a spa to relax and get pampered. Luckily, the spa treatment calms his nerves, and Colin has a new attitude about the whole situation. The big night has finally arrived! An hour before the party starts, Colin's phone won't stop ringing with desperate pleas from invitee wannabes. Unfortunately for them, though, if their name is not on the list, they're not welcome at the royal bash. Despite his tension about the size of the stage, Colin's grand entrance is a huge success and he's psyched about its outcome. The prince has arrived! Just when Colin thought the party couldn't get any better, the DJ announces a special guest: Mike Jones! Colin is thrilled that he gets to party with his favorite rapper. Then, Colin is doubly surprised when he finds not one but two brand-new cars waiting for him outside of The Galleria. Colin certainly got everything he asked for (and more!) during his "coronation." There's no doubt who the Prince of Cleveland is now!