Season 5 E 6 • 24/07/2007

All the world's a stage for Malia, and the stylish Atlanta native has it all: looks, brains and, most importantly, money. This straight-A student and varsity cheerleader looks up to her mother and wants to follow in her footsteps. And who wouldn't? Her mom is the GM of Purple Ribbon Records, the record label owned by Malia's uncle -- OutKast's Big Boi! Having grown up in the music industry, Malia dreams of one day becoming part of it, so she's throwing a huge My Super Sweet 16 bash to show the world she's serious about her future. Malia wants to prove that the world indeed revolves around her, so she chooses a "The World Is Mine" party theme, where she will take her guests on a wild journey to Japan, Jamaica and, of course, Atlanta. It's going to be more than just a party; it's going to be an experience. The first step in creating her dream My Super Sweet 16 party is finding the perfect performer. Malia asks her uncle, Big Boi, if he will perform at her party, and he happily agrees. But what's a poppin' party without the perfect dress? Malia hires Project Runway's Mychael Knight to design her dress -- from scratch. After brainstorming some ideas, Mychael sketches a dress that truly makes Malia happy, for a small fee of $7,000! But Malia says it's worth every penny because it's a unique design that will make her the center of attention. Then, Malia goes to check out the warehouse her mother booked for the party. It's a brand-new space, and it's the first time either of them have visited the location. They're shocked to discover that the warehouse is a complete mess! With bricks and dirt strewn everywhere, it's clear that the warehouse is still under construction with no hope of being done in time for the party. Time to come up with Plan B! But will Malia be able to book another place in time? To take her mind off the mess, Malia and her mom go car shopping at the local Mercedes-Benz dealership. Malia is immediately drawn to a $100,000 red convertible, which her mom instantly shoots down because it costs as much as her whole party! After spotting an SLK 350 black convertible, Malia falls in love again ? so much so that she refuses to get out of the car! Malia tries to talk her mother into buying the car by saying that people in the music industry will take her more seriously if they see her in a luxury vehicle. But her mother is still not thrilled with the price and pulls Malia out of the car. Next, it's time to buckle up and take flight on Air Malia! With two flight attendants by her side, Malia delivers custom-made passport invitations to all her guests. Now the pressure's really on to find a venue! Luckily it looks like Plan B is already in full effect as Malia's father drives her over to Park Central, a new venue he picked out. Malia instantly approves -- the place is perfect! On the day of her My Super Sweet 16 party, Malia visits the club one last time and discovers that the AC is broken -- and it's hot as hell in there! Malia worries that her party will be ruined if all of her guests melt in the heat! Luck is again on her side when the AC gets fixed just in the nick of time. Hallelujah! It's time to get the party started! Malia's Japanese-style grand entrance is a hit, complete with martial artists, colorful parasols and a rickshaw. But her sexy hot pink Mychael Knight dress really takes the cake. Malia dances the night away with her friends, then announces that her special guest performer is Big Boi! Just when she thought the night couldn't get any better, Big Boi has a big surprise for his niece -- he offers her a junior A&R job at the record company! She is beyond thrilled, but that's not all. Malia's mom announces that she too has a surprise. Yup, the SLK 350 is waiting for Malia in the driveway! Looks like this My Super Sweet 16er now has everything it takes to make it in the music business!