Season 5 E 8 • 07/08/2007

Alexandria is your typical My Super Sweet 16er -- she's confident, fashionable and ? rich! Allie, as she likes to be called, knows exactly what she wants, and it's either her way or the highway. And this year, she wants to show her hometown of Sacramento, Calif., what she's all about by throwing the biggest, sickest My Super Sweet 16 the city has ever seen! They don't call her "the rich girl" at school for nothing! To ensure that she has the most heavenly time ever, Allie chooses "Heaven Only Knows" as the theme for her My Super Sweet 16 party, and everyone must come clad in white or they're not allowed in! An aspiring model, Allie hires designer Monte Cristo to coordinate a fashion show for her party so she can strut her stuff onstage in a bathing suit featuring huge angel wings. Before she gets to work the runway, Allie hosts a private, exclusive pre-party at her pool to hand out her invitations. She assumes that she's going to be fighting people off left and right but, at first, the pre-party is a flop and only a few guests show up. Eventually, more and more of her friends arrive, but it's still not the turnout she expected. When she realizes that her guests are just sitting around looking bored, Allie announces that everyone must get up and dance or they won't get their invites! Immediately, her friends dance up a storm in order to receive their personalized invitations. Now things are really jumpin'. Next up on Allie's To Do list: Finding the hottest models for her fashion show. Allie and Monte Cristo hold auditions for the 10 hottest (and luckiest) girls in Sacramento to show off their sexy runway skills. In Allie's words, they have to be able to "rip the runway" to be worthy of appearing at her party. In the end, Allie decides she only likes nine of the contestants, leaving the last spot open for -- surprise, surprise -- herself. Allie knows she has to look her best at her My Super Sweet 16, which for her means looking hyphy by showing off a hot new grill. So Allie and her brother head over to check out her options and she selects the perfect one -- a pink and white diamond frame worth $4,500! After getting fitted for her new grill, Allie is confident she will have the most iced out grin in all of Sacramento. Now that her grill and fashion show are taken care of, the only thing left for Allie to do is find the perfect performer. Allie brazenly goes to the recording studio to ask hyphy rapper Clyde Carson to perform at her party. He agrees, and Allie is excited that everything is going her way. On the eve of the big day, though, Allie realizes that her grill doesn't fit. Allie flips out, claiming if she can't wear her grill, her party will be ruined! The next day, Allie and her brother rush to the store to fix the problem, and she arrives back home with a big, sparkling smile on her face that flaunts her newly fitted grill. When she finally arrives at her party, she is less than thrilled with her grand entrance but quickly forgets about it once she's inside and everyone's having a good time. Just when things seem to be flowing smoothly, Allie stresses that her party isn't running on schedule. She blames Monte Cristo for the holdup with her fashion show, but once she and the rest of the models begin to strut their stuff onstage, the crowd goes wild. In the end, Allie is happy that Monte delivered a hit show! Then, all of a sudden, the venue's lights and audio are unexpectedly turned off, signaling an early end to the party. Confused and frustrated, Allie and the rest of the crowd head outside to see what's up. Just then, a brand-new Cadillac rolls around the corner and Allie forgets all her worries. What a birthday gift! Loving her new ride, Allie starts to drive away just in time to see her friends continuing the party in the street. Upset that the party ended too soon, her friends take it upon themselves to dance on cars and hold up traffic until the cops come to break things up! Her dream bash may not have ended the way she had hoped, but Allie's My Super Sweet 16 is definitely one for the books.