Alicia Roy
Season 6 E 5 • 02/01/2008

Alicia is a fifteen year old shopaholic from Montreal. Her mission? To prove that Canadians can throw just as sweet a sixteen party as their American neighbors. She's off to a good start, with her own party planner to help coordinate a Moulin Rouge inspired party and a small French man to deliver her invitations. In honor of her birthday, Alicia's convinced her Mom to let her get a tattoo. She's not thrilled when the tattoo artist informs her it will indeed hurt, but Alicia soldiers through the pain and ends up with a lovely set of angel wings on her lower back. Problems arise when Alicia first attempts to learn a sexy dance to "Lady Marmalade". It's not as easy as she'd envisioned and she's worried about people laughing at her. That would really ruin her night! The party-planning continues as Alicia gets all Moulin Rouged out for a sexy photo-shoot. Unfortunately, her choreographer shows up and keeps bossing Alicia around. By the end, the choreographer is lucky to escape with her life. However, Alicia's got bigger problems: it's less than a week until party day and her outfit still isn't ready. To make matters worse, she doesn't even like what is done because she thinks it makes her look fat. What's a girl to do? Fortunately, Alicia's crush Michael swoops in to distract her. Over an ice cream date, Alicia asks him to be her date for the party and he accepts. She suspects she's found the perfect Ewan McGregor for her Moulin Rouge party. The big day has finally arrived and Alicia's all smiles...until her party-planner calls. Apparently, the dress maker is holding Alicia's costume hostage until she gets twelve hundred dollars. Does that dress-maker know who she's messing with? Clearly, Alicia's able to get the money and pick up the costume. From there, it's smooth sailing. The outfit looks great and Alicia's ready to start her party! As the crowd eagerly awaits her arrival, Alicia stresses over the dance. Naturally this star shines in the spot light and Alicia blows the crowd away. Pretty much the best entrance ever, at least Alicia thinks so. It's time to kick the party up a notch and what better way than an actual seven minutes in heaven room? While everyone else is at the mercy of a random pairing, Alicia gets to go in with her date. When they emerge, both of them are wearing her lipstick. Wonder how that happened! There's one more surprise in store for the birthday girl: a brand new BMW from her parents! The perfect present for a sixteenth birthday. Thus ends a party Montreal is sure to never forget!