Season 4 E 12 • 03/04/2007

This Latino/Jewish prepster is an only child who's used to getting everything she wants. And what she wants right now is a party worthy of My Super Sweet 16. Her theme is a Winter Wonderland, because she loves the snow. And as there's no budget for Rachel's bash, the sky is the limit. Early on, we see Rachel stopping by the venue for her party. She intends to bring winter to Charlotte, North Carolina, with a money machine, ice bar, ice sculptures and dancers. Rachel's close family helps her make plans. But while Rachel and friends audition dancers, her dad objects to the guys who strip off their shirts. In her backyard with a few friends, Rachel estimates about 200 people will be at her party. Everyone's expecting the biggest party in Charlotte, so her reputation's on the line. When one friend asks if R&B singer Chris Brown is coming, Rachel says no. "My dad wants [hip-hop duo] the Ying Yang Twins," she explains. "He really likes them.? Next, Rachel discusses her plans with her party planner and parents. But while the adults discuss her elaborate entrance in a Jaguar, Rachel emphasizes that her greatest concern is having a guest performer. No one seems to care as much as she does about a guest performer. Her dad jokes, "I'll see if Paris Hilton is available." But Rachel's not going to be laughing if her father doesn't get a hot performer. When it's time to hand out invites, Rachel rides in a horse-drawn carriage to give each kid a block of ice. To get the details, they have to break the ice. It's quickly becomes a super smash-fest when Rachel's invited guests hold their ice blocks high, then crash them onto the ground to access the invitations inside. To get a unique dress that no one has in Charlotte, Rachel flies to New York. After her dad tells her that one dress makes her look, "big in the butt," she begins to fear that she won't find the right dress. However, at a shop named Adriennes, Rachel finds the ideal dress. But that's just the beginning. Rachel continues to select more dresses as her father complains of indigestion. In the end, this daddy's girl gets the custom made "ice princess dresses" that she wants for more than $3,000. Back home, Rachel shops at a Lexus dealership with her parents. She wants something sporty, but her dad wants her to think of something more like a family-styled sedan. But Rachel wants a ride that'll make heads turn, so she selects a "perfect Rachel Sweet 16 car" with a voice-command map system. When dad objects to the cost, she warns, "My dad better swipe that credit card." And what about a performer for the party? It's not happening. At the last minute, Rachel and her father make calls to find dancers to do a routine with her at the party to entertain guests. Rachel wants a Latin dancer, while her father requests a "white person with unusually good rhythm. We need an aspiring John Travolta." Rachel looks at him, confused. "I want a Latin dancer." Her dad comes through, but she insists that he has to be good-looking or she won't dance with him in front of everybody. When three guys arrive to dance with Rachel, her father takes charge and shows the guys how to dance ... much to Rachel's embarrassment. In the end, all three are hired to dance with her at the bash. On the morning of Rachel's birthday, her parents celebrate with a wake-up greeting. While getting a makeover, Rachel's dad shows off his made over look for the party. Rachel worries, "My dad better not do anything to embarrass me." He brags, "I'm a stud." On the way to the party, Rachel's so nervous that her stomach hurts. But when she arrives, she's excited to see hundreds of anxious guests dressed in white, chanting her name. She's escorted in by her date, and she's sparkling with $100k worth of diamonds. "I feel like the most important person on this planet," she says. Inside, there are ice sculptures everywhere. Guests love it and say it feels that they're inside of an "ice club" or "a blizzard." The fun elevates to a new level when Rachel reveals a Daddy's Money machine filled with thousands of dollars. Guests have 10 seconds each to grab as much money as they can and afterward it looks like a rap video when the kids in white hold up stacks of cash to the camera. The big moment finally arrives. Rachel's guests are called to gather around the floor to watch her dance. Everyone loves her performance. When they are told to clear the dance floor, the crowd expects a famous performer. Instead, two dancers perform a somber ballet routine. The young, hip crowd is not into that at all and Rachel is embarrassed that her father booked the ballet duo. Unsurprisingly, she cuts their act early. Rachel feels that her party is ruined until everyone is told to go to the terrace to see Rachel's new car. They are very impressed when they look down and see Rachel's brand new Lexus. At the end of the night, a $15,000 fireworks display spells Rachel's name out in icy blue letters. Despite her dad's zany ideas, Rachel is happy that her party exceeded expectations. She thanks her parents and is driven away with her date. Her winter wonderland was as "cool as ice."