Season 4 E 8 • 27/02/2007

Teyana is a New Yorke singer, rapper and dancer from Harlem who has just been signed to artist/producer Pharrell Williams' (N.E.R.D.) record label. This Harlem skateboarder wants her 16th birthday bash to reflect her personality, so she's having an '80s old school skateboard sixteen-themed bash. While shopping, Teyana tells her mother that she wants a bracelet and earrings. The bracelet is $275,000, but Teyana gets anything she wants from her mom who Teyana says is "wrapped around my finger." Teyana's mother rents a full museum for her party, but Teyana dismisses it without giving it a chance. Her mother says, "Tell me what you want, and you know you're gonna get it." Teyana takes a moment and lists her wishes which include a "marching band, a skateboard ramp, graffiti artists and break dancers." Teyana challenges her mother to pull it off because if her party's not the party of the century, she's not havin' it. Being the unique girl that she is, Teyana hands out invitations in an ice cream truck. The lucky invited ones get boxes with Teyana's photo and skateboard chains. One invited guest says, "If you didn't get invited, it sucks to be you, you dig?" Looking dope at her party is important, so Teyana heads to Heatherette to see the dress that they made for her. Heatherette makes dresses for artists like Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton and Pink. When designer Richie Rich shows Teyana her one-of-a-kind eccentric dress, she loves it and can't wait for her friends to see her in the "crazy dress." Teyana's shopping continues where she finds some colorful sneakers from Paris to go with her dress for just $700. "That's not bad," she says. But Teyana's mom stresses to her daughter, "You don't have no money!" They eye one another down like they are about to go to battle. Her mother finally gives in because as she says, "They are cute." Next, Teyana auditions dancers for her Sweet 16, but they have to have "hotness, fiyah." Fellow Sweet 16er from season 3, Darnell, acts as a guest judge with her. After selecting the hottest dancers, Teyana goes with her mom to shop for a BMX bike. That's right, not a car but a bike. She wants the bike custom-made with rims, but they can't have it done by Saturday. It usually takes a year to prepare it. Teyana pouts, worrying that if she doesn't get a bike after teling everybody that she would, people will see her as being "all talk." On her party day, Teyana wakes up early to see how her mom put everything together. She especially anticipates seeing the skateboard ramp, but she's quickly disappointed to see there's not one. The ramp would cost $2 million in insurance, her mom explains. Teyana complains that it's embarrassing because she won't have a "skateboard 16," but a "regular Sweet 16 like everybody else." That's exactly what she didn't want. Later that night, Teyana's '80s-styled guests wait anxiously to see what her arrival will be like. Teyana doesn't disappoint. The party starts with a marching band followed by hip-hop dancers and finally Teyanna. She's carried in inside of a giant doll box where she poses stiffly like a plastic doll. Once on the dance floor, Teyanna drops the dress and dances in shorts with backup dancers. The entrance, band and dancing are hot, but the best is yet to come. Next, recording artist/top producer Pharrell Williams shocks the audience with his arrival. He supports his Star Trek label artist Teyanna by introducing her onstage and calling the audience to make some noise for her birthday. Even special guest Sweet 16er Aaron from season 3 says, "This is way more creative than my birthday." After blowing out the candles on the craziest cake she's ever seen, Teyanna's mom presents her with the customized $10,000 low rider bike that she wanted. It was flown in overnight from LA. Bu-bu-but wait, there's more... Outside, Teyanna's presented with another pair of wheels -- a brand new white $100,000 Range Rover. Teyanna is in disbelief. She didn't expect that at all. A friend jokes, "Yo, T! We ain't on skateboards no more!" Teyanna hugs her guests, then rides off on her bike. She showed everyone a party they've never seen before and says, "I'm definitely the Queen of New York."